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My absolute favorite yoga breathing technique of all time is Bhramari  (pronounced BRUM – er-ee) Pranayama – also known as Bumblebee Breath.

If you have ever tried to meditate, only to be disturbed by the relentless flow of thoughts through your mind, you will be able to appreciate the energetic effects of this pranayama technique.

Bumblebee Breath clears your mind in 60 seconds. Literally!

You can learn how to practice this technique by watching the video at this link.

Scientists have discovered a mysterious humming at the center of the Milky Way galaxy.

Bumblee Breath is believed to mirror this sound, making us feel not only calm but deeply connected to all that is.

When you begin to practice Bhramari, start with 3 to 5 repetitions and move up to no more than 17 times per sitting.

This is the seventh of the eight breathing practices in the routine I call “Eight Minutes To Inner Peace.”

Although all pranayama techniques connect your mind with your body, Bumblebee Breath creates a deep feeling of inner stillness.

Other benefits you may experience:

  • Natural healing remedy for anxiety
  • Natural healing remedy for headaches
  • Natural healing remedy for insomnia
  • Natural healing remedy for stress
  • Natural healing remedy for obsessive compulsive disorder

One of the unique features of Bhramari is the mudra, or hand position.

Because all acupuncture meridians begin or end in your hands or feet, when we hold our fingers in certain positions, we change the way energy flows through our body.

The specific mudra used in Bumblebee Breath is called Shanmukhi Mudra. Placing your fingers as I direct in this video activates acupuncture points that relax your eyes and calms irritation, anger and stress.

Although it may feel a bit awkward at first to close your eyes and ears and place your fingers as directed, you will find yourself feeling deeply connected with your higher self.


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