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To read more about these breathing exercises, please consult the following articles I have written:

Eight Minutes To Inner Peace, Introduction to Pranayama

How to Overcome an Anxiety Attack

Inhale Deeply For More Energy

Exhale And Let It All Go!

Circular Breathing Makes You Feel Happy

Clear Your Emotional Body With Bellows Breath

Build Your Endurance With Breath of Fire

Balance Your Brain With Alternate Nostril Breathing

Clear Your Mind With Bumblebee Breath

Access Your Inner Power and Serenity With Ocean Breath

Pranayama for Meditation

1. Introduction Eight Minutes To Inner Peace


2. Inhale


3. Exhale


4. Circular Breathing


5. Bellows Breath


6. Breath of Fire


7. Alternate Nostril Breathing


8. Bumblebee Breath


9. Ocean Breath