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If you’ve been wanting to improve the flexibility of your hips or have been suffering from hip pain, this simple sequence of six yoga stretches will restore your body to ease and joy.

You can watch the sequence of the best yoga stretches for the hips at this FREE playlist on Youtube at this link.

In the 26 years I’ve been teaching yoga, I can speak with authority and let you know that if you suffer from tight hips, you are not alone!

Here’s what you need to do this sequence:

  1. About 15 minutes of your time. You will need to do each stretch one minute each side. Let’s allow another 3 minutes to get your stuff together and transition from each pose to the next in a relaxed manner.
  2. A yoga strap. If you don’t have a yoga strap you can use a bathrobe belt or a leather belt.
  3. An egg-shaped yoga block or a wooden shaped yoga block. If you don’t have a yoga block you can use a large hardbound book such as a dictionary.
  4. A wall.

Here’s how you need to do each pose:

  1. Hold each side for 60 seconds.
  2. Breathe and relax.
  3. Don’t push.
  4. If your hips are tight, practice this sequence daily to release tension way down deep.

Hamstring Stretch Variation Using a Wall

I recommend using a wall if you have tight hips because you need to be sure your opposite foot on the leg you’re not stretching is straight.

The position of your feet controls the position of your hips.

Many people suffer from hip pain when their hip bone is slightly out of alignment in the hip socket.

This variation of hamstrings will set your hip bone in the socket properly.

External Hip Rotation

When people need hip surgery it’s often because they have lost the range of motion in their external hip rotation.

This external hip rotation stretch variation uses an egg-shaped block to keep your hips level.

Your inner thigh will lengthen and relax.

Four Square Hip Stretch

Many people who stretch their hips do the Four Square Hip Stretch. If you practice this stretch, are you doing it correctly?

Are you keeping all four corners of your hips on the ground?

Are you flexing your feet?

Reclining Fire Log Pose

If you don’t have an egg-shaped yoga block – or even a regular yoga block – you can pull out a hardback book such as a dictionary to use as a lever in this pose to open your hips.

Quadriceps Stretch

Are you making the mistake of forgetting to stretch your quadriceps when you stretch your hips?

Your quadriceps are part of your hips.

Give yourself permission to use a yoga strap if your hips feel especially tight.

Pose of Nobility

Once you have worked through the other five poses, you’re ready for Pose of Nobility.

When I asked my yoga students at the end of 2020 which yoga poses they felt most helpful to them during that stressful year, the number one pose they mentioned was Pose of Nobility.

Once you master this pose you can also practice shoulder stretches while practicing pose of nobility.

Eagle Arms with Pose of Nobility

Eagle Arms with Pose of Nobility

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