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What types of exercise do you offer?

Check out our full list of integrated services on our Fitness Services webpage.


What kind of people come to Unlimited Energy?

Over the years, our clients have ranged from age 6 – for specialized kinesiology and nutrition to improve school performance – to age 91. We helped a home-bound elderly woman relearn the gentle art of walking with a personalized exercise program, nutrition to build strength and kinesiology to switch on her core coordination reflexes.

Most of our clients are successful adults who are interested in a whole-person approach to health and fitness.

We operate from a different paradigm than other health professionals. You consult a doctor when you are sick. You go to a psychiatrist or a psychologist when you feel unhappy. You come to Unlimited Energy when you dare to be the best you can be.


How often do I come for sessions?

Most of our clients come two to three times per week because that gets them the best results.

Because we view personal training as the art of personal development, which is an ongoing process of body, mind and spirit, many of our clients have been with us for years.


What Happens First?

In Session One there is a Fitness Assessment. Read more about the Assessment on the Fitness Services webpage.


What’s involved in a custom fitness program?

In Session Two you get to explore the Customized Fitness Training. Read more about the Custom Fitness Training on the Fitness Services webpage.

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