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Articles by Catherine Carrigan about fitness, nutrition and natural healing.


Articles about breathing exercises.

"7 Surprising Reasons for Knee Pain"

Client Success Story

Articles about clients who have achieved great success.

"Join Catherine Carrigan at the Gluten Intolerance Group of Atlanta "

Client Testimonial

Testimonials from happy clients.

Kubera Mudra: The Frequency of Wealth and Abundance


Articles about the benefits and meaning of yoga hand mudras.

Best Yoga Stretches for the Hips


Total Fitness Newsletter featuring articles, resources and tips about fitness, nutrition and natural healing.

FREE Class May 24: Breathing Exercises for Inner Peace

Original Recipes

Healthy recipes to support your energy and taste buds.

Whirl on Both Sides in Fixed Stance, Qi Gong Exercise 5

Qi Gong

Articles about qi gong.


Directions and ingredients for easy recipes you can make at home to support your well being.

No Equipment "Necessary Home Workout "

Strength Training

Articles with directions and photos for exercises to build your strength.

"What's So Great About Matsyangasana, Mermaid Pose?"

Yoga Poses

Articles, photos, videos and directions for your yoga practice.

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