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Prana Mudra: Increase Your Life Energy

There are times in life when you simply need more energy to get through the day. Up at night taking care of a baby. During a long day at work. Driving through rush hour traffic. When you are so exhausted you can hardly keep your eyes open but life must still go on....

What Is the Pranamayakosha?

“As long as there is breath in the body, there is life. When breath departs, so does life. Therefore, regulate the breath.” Nath Yogi Swatmarama, yogic sage, author of Light on Hatha Yoga Studying yoga has had a profound effect on my work as a medical intuitive...

Transcend Your Conscious Mind with Breath Work

During my 26 years in natural healing, I have experienced many modalities that transported me into deep spiritual states where I was able to access my inner wisdom. All manner of meditation techniques. Hypnosis. Plant medicine. Energy healing. Artificial brain wave...

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Fitness, Nutrition, and Healing information


Achieve your optimal Fitness with Unlimited Energy Now’s Fitness programs.


Getting back in shape in only part of the equation. Let Unlimited Energy Now’s Nutrition Services assist you in bringing your body back into Healthy Alignment.


Healing Services are a part of Unlimited Energy Now’s expertise.

The Difference Between Pain & Suffering

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Difference Between Pain & Suffering by Catherine Carrigan

The Difference Between Pain & Suffering

by Catherine Carrigan

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