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Welcome to a rich resource of more than 200 different hand-picked exercises for a slimmer, leaner, healthier and more flexible body. Our exercises demonstrate excellent postural alignment so that you can stand tall and be kind to your neck and spine while you work out.

Click on the categories of exercises below and you’ll be taken to videos of our favorite fitness activities. When used with the tips below we know you’ll get amazing results!

Get specific tips about how to get leaner faster. We recommend you view them before starting a new exercise program. Please also view our disclaimer before commencing any of these exercises.


Whole Body Workout Exercises

Whole Body Workout Exercises are awesome for working lots of muscles simultaneously, boosting your metabolism, and getting leaner faster. They shape your physique rapidly and are worth adding to the start of every workout because they produce stunning results!

Check out the Whole Body Workout Exercise Videos


Lower Body and Core Workout Exercises

Lower Body and Core Workout Exercises use the muscles in your legs and core area and can be used to increase leg strength and tone in a functional way. This list is perfect for people who want different ideas for resistance training leg workouts.

Check out the Lower Body and Core Workout Exercise Videos


Upper Body and Core Workout Exercises

Upper Body and Core Workout Exercises are favored by women who want to gain upper body strength and men who want to gain bulk. Our list has some fresh ideas for fun upper body and abdomen exercises which will help you create the body you desire!

Check out the Upper Body and Core Workout Exercises


Yoga exercises

Yoga exercises suitable for beginner and experienced yogis are featured in our collection. Invigorate your practive by roaring in Lion pose, or stand serenely in tree pose – we have lots of movements for you to enjoy!

Check out the Yoga Exercises


Yoga Mudras

Yoga Mudras are postures with your hands. Depending on the placement of your hands and fingers, you are bringing a different intention and energy to your practice.

Check out the Yoga Mudras



Stretches and mobility exercises are important parts of your workout because only with them can you reach your athletic and aesthetic potential, reduce the risk of injury, and stay supple enough to sail through your senior years.

Check out the Stretches and Mobility Exercises


Qi Gong

Qi Gong movements are so powerful that they can help to lift your energy levels and create a strong sense of centeredness, inner stillness, and calm. Practiced for millenia, Qi Gong is an effective way to reduce stress and heal the body.

Check out the Qi Gong Movements

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