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Take The Unlimited Intuition Now! Course.

This course is based on the book Unlimited Intuition now!

And is designed to help you practice developing your own psychic abilities so that you can receive guidance from your soul.

This course will help you practice the following:

  • Pray to open your soul guidance
  • Learn how to read the energy in your chakras with a pendulum
  • Tune in to read your own body
  • Discover how to read the body of another person
  • Discern how much life force is in your food
  • Focus to tell if food is really good for your body
  • Practice how to muscle test yourself
  • Raise your vibration to listen to your angels
  • Get your ego out of the way so you can listen to divine guidance
  • Stay connected with loved ones when you are apart
  • Open your psychic centers of clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience and clairvoyance
  • Avoid other people’s ego projections to see what’s really going on
  • Protect your energy so you feel safe and grounded at all times and in all places
  • Stay out of trouble in dangerous situations
  • Understand how your different psychic gifts actually work
  • Deepen your connection to God and feel supported on all levels.


You will be sent a link to a PDF file with instructions on how to download the course files. Besure to check your email for the link to download the PDF file. Also check your Spam or Junk folder if you do not receive the order confirmation email with the download link.


Unlimited Intuition Now! Online Course

This course was a very organic process of self-discovery. I recommend creating a journal as you go through the course and doodle, draw, or map key feelings and sensations that rise to your awareness. Take the time to be with each chapter and let it unfold naturally to fully integrate the material and experience. The gift of this course is that it’s being more of you and less of everything else! The material, meditations and prayers brought to my awareness shocking discoveries that left me inspired and motivated to live the life Spirit intended. Catherine’s course creates the platform to discover you own authentic voice – moving from the external world of conditioned expectations and judgments to the quiet sanctuary within. By the end of this course not only will you discover and hear your own heart song you will be able to sing it to the world!

The course Catherine created shifted her book from a great read to a practical way to live within your own heart. It covers a wealth of different traditions and healing modalities in a concise way that everyone can gain personal truthes for themselves. It will give you safe place to land in a foundation of calm and confidence. Catherine’s guidance in each chapter moves from just understanding the material to enjoying the actual experience of it!

As I went through each chapter and listened to Catherine’s words in the opening videos I couldn’t stop writing. The awareness and insights started to flow with ease. I was witness to the Self in action! The gift from this course that I received was the experience what intuition looks like, feels like and sounds like for me! It’s a very personal experience that everyone should have! Clear the external chatter and experience YOUR VOICE NOW! It really is that simple. You learn how to live at the center of your own heart.

I first read “Unlimited Intuition” by Catherine Carrigan when it was first published and found it to be very enlightening. In reading it a second time in conjunction with her on-line course I deepened my own personal experience with the material, brought greater clarity to my own experiences, received practical application throughout the day as situations arose, and learned to find greater acceptance of the struggle and outcomes that only Spirit can control.

The guided imagery and step by step process gave a structure that opened up greater possibilities on many levels. The course felt like I was climbing up a ladder, rung by rung, feeling more grounded and centered with each step upward. The material and personal journey through the course created a foundation built on confidence and worthiness.

This course helped me clarify my personal language of interpreting the meaning behind the images and feelings that occur throughout the day. It deepened my internal dialogue in order to better relay what I felt in a practical way. The tools Catherine created personalized a self-care program offering a general sense of well-being that was very transferable to life and health regimes with specific guidelines and outcomes. A surprising and exciting outcome was a moment to moment awareness of self-care. This course brought me into alignment with my own health needs beyond what we learn from traditional health and the medical system.

Marisha Schmidt M.A.

Health Mentor

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