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Bellows Breath, or Bhastrika Pranayama as we call it in yoga, will allow you to clear your emotional body.

Clearing your emotions is one of the most important things you can ever do for your overall health, as our emotions can shut down the functioning of literally every other aspect – our organs, our glands, even our mind.

Why is this the case?

When you practice Bellows Breath, you breathe in and out of your third chakra.

Your third chakra, or solar plexus center, is your center for psychic feeling.

This is the place where you process emotions – both your own emotions as well as feelings you pick up from other people.

Many people feel fatigued, depressed or even anxious as a result of picking up energy and emotions from everyone around them. You may even be unclear about which emotions are yours and which feelings originated with someone else.

Many people are empaths who have a subconscious habit of processing other people’s feelings. This is great as long as everybody around them is happy, but very bad when they become energetically enmeshed in tragedy, anxiety or other distressing energies.

Bellows Breath allows you to clear whatever emotions you are processing so you can begin again, sparkling and refreshed, from your own center.

As a result, Bellows Breath is a highly effective stress management tool that doesn’t take very much time to be highly effective. If you rank your stress level when you begin – say a 7 out of a 10 – you’ll notice you can reduce your feeling of stress very quickly.

You can learn how to practice Bellows Breath at this link.

From a physiological point of view, Bellows Breath also tones your diaphragm muscles.

Many people live primarily in their heads and are cut off from their lower body.

This breathing exercise allows you to reconnect with your entire self, allowing you to feel more emotionally stable but at the same time more grounded and at peace with all of who you are.

If you are feeling particularly stressed, Bellows Breath is a great way to move through the stress quickly and more easily as opposed to spending days, weeks or even months getting over what happened to you.

What is healing? Healing happens when we learn to breathe through what happens in our lives, knowing and experiencing that we are strong enough to handle whatever God has given us.

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