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Bridge Pose With One Leg Raised

Bridge Pose With One Leg Raised

One of the most common reasons people visit their medical doctor is because they feel tired much of the time.


If you feel too tired to exercise, come to Total Fitness and learn how you can increase your energy.


Your energy system is like the electrical system of your house. Your house has electrical wires, on/off switches and a fuse box. Your body has 72,000 nadis that run into 12 major acupuncture meridians that run into seven major chakras and three dan tiends. If you understand how to manipulate the wires and on/off switches, you can enjoy a better flow of energy.


In yogic philosophy, it is important to understand that your soul controls your mind, which controls your emotions, which in turn controls your energy system, which then determines the quality of your physical well-being.


There are four primary methods of regulating your energy system:


Acupuncture (which uses needles) and acupressure (which uses touch on the very same acu points).

Pulling or pushing on the tissues, such as in yoga and Qi Gong.

Breathing exercises.

Mental concentration.

Here at Total Fitness, we use various techniques to address all four aspects:


Touch for Health, which is based on acupressure, as well as Reiki, which treats the whole body with healing energy.


Yoga and Gi Gong, as well as many other forms of exercise (which is why our business is called Total Fitness).


Pranayama, or breathing exercises of all kinds from yoga.Brain Gym and specialized kinesiology to clear blocked emotional and mental patterns.


Last year, one of my colleagues, a naturopath, decided to measure the oxygen levels of the people in his office. He told me that their circulation was so poor from hours of simply sitting behind their desks that had they been in the hospital, every single one would have required an oxygen tank.


All exercise increases oxygen uptake and circulation, which helps us feel more energized, but the healing arts of yoga and Qi Gong are specifically designed to gather, move, direct and disseminate life energy.


Here are a few simple exercises you can do every day to increase your energy:


From acupressure: Rub K27’s. Kidney 27’s are the endpoints of the kidney meridian. They are two acupressure points located chin-width apart under the collarbone. If you feel tired throughout the day, rub these points regularly. The carotid artery is located directly underneath the K27’s and rubbing these points increases the oxygen flow to your brain.


Pulling/pushing on the tissues: Backbends from yoga. If you have only a few minutes, enjoy a simple backbend, which activates the sympathetic nervous system and stimulates your adrenal glands. Backbends may be as simple as standing and extending your spine backwards for 20 to 30 seconds, or coming down to the floor and doing a simple bridge with your feet on the floor or propped on a Swiss exercise ball. You can develop your strength and flexibility to perform a full wheel, one of the most energizing poses in yoga that also opens and balances all your seven major chakras.


Breathing exercises: Breath of joy from yoga. Stand with your feet hip width apart. Inhale, extending your arms in front of you and straight overhead. Without exhaling, inhale once again, this time bringing your arms to the side and then again over your head. Bend deeply at the waist, open your mouth and exhale fully, releasing stuck energy in your mind and body. Repeat until you feel happy and energetic.


Mental concentration: Energy fountain from Brain Gym. Once you understand the fact that your soul controls your mind, which in turn controls your emotions that then in turn control your energy, you begin to comprehend the fact that attitude is everything.


In Qi Gong, we say that those who have accumulated the greatest spiritual energy are able to regenerate on the physical level much faster. We maintain great spiritual energy by viewing every event that happens to us as beneficial, and forgive others and let go of all grievances when necessary.


If something happens during the day that causes you to develop a negative attitude, that usually means your central acupuncture meridian will be running backwards. You are switched off and your acupuncture energy will not be flowing properly to your brain or your eyes.


Try the energy fountain to reverse this detrimental flow and increase your energy:


Sit or stand comfortably.


Trace the central acupuncture meridian. This is the primary yin meridian of the body. You trace it by simply drawing your hand in front of your body from its origin at the pubic bone to the endpoint at your lower lip. As you bring your hand up in front of your body, feel the healing energy reaching your eyes and your brain.


Now, without using your hand, inhale your breath up the central meridian and use your mental concentration to imagine energy shooting out the top of your head.


Visualize your whole body as a fountain of energy.


This is also a great exercise to do in the afternoon after you have been sitting at your desk most of the day.




Yoga Classes: Every Tuesday and Thursday, 7:30-9 p.m. at Holy Spirit Catholic Church.


Qi Gong Class: Every Wednesday, 5:30-6:45 p.m. at 1951 Northside Drive. For a map with directions, or to find out about our private instruction, please visit www.totalfitness.net or call 404-350-8581.

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