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Yoga Exercises

Now you can get specific tips about how to get leaner faster. We recommend you view them before starting a new exercise program.

Please also view our disclaimer before commencing any of these upper body and core exercises.

Difficulty Rating (DR) Each exercise has a difficulty rating between 1 and 5: see below for explanation.

List of Exercises

Click on one of the exercises below to be taken directly to the video.

1. A Series Sun Salutes41. Lying Facing Boat
2. Alternate Nostril Breathing42. Mountain Pose
3. B Series Sun Salutes43. Pigeon
4. Bow Pose44. Plank
5. Bridge Pose45. Plough To Knee To Ear Pose
6. Butterfly To Goddess Pose46. Pose of Nobility To Cow’s Head Pose
7. Butterfly to Straddle Split47. Pyramid
8. Butterfly To Tortoise48. Pyramid With Reverse Namaste
9. C Series Sun Salute49. Reclining Seated Hero
10. C Series Sun Salutes Variation 150. Reverse Plank
11. C Series Sun Salutes Variation 251. Reverse Warrior
12. Camel52. Rock The Baby
13. Cat Cow53. Seated Hero
14. Chair Pose54. Seated Twist
15. Cow’s Head Pose55. Shoulder Stretch On Floor
16. Crow56. Shoulderstand Cycle
17. D Series Sun Salutes57. Side Bow
18. Dolphin58. Side Plank
19. Downward facing boat59. Side Plank With Knee Up
20. Eagle60. Spinal Rotations + Knees to Alternating Legs
21. Embryo61. Split Preparations To Half Splits
22. Extended child62. Standing Balance Hamstring Stretch
23. Extended Hero63. Standing Balance Hip Stretch
24. Extended Hero Into Wrap64. Standing Big Toe Balance Pose
25. Fish65. Standing Forward Fold
26. Full Lotus, How To Get Into66. Standing Shoulder Rotations
27. Half Boat to Upward Facing Boat67. Standing Splits
28. Half Dog68. Straddle Twist With Hikers Pose Variations and Lion
29. Half Lotus And Twist69. Tibetan Rite No. 1
30. Half Moon Pose70. Tibetan Rite No. 2
31. Hero 171. Tibetan Rite No. 3
32. Hero I Variation 172. Tibetan Rite No. 4
33. Hero I Variation 273. Tibetan Rite No. 5
34. Hero II74. Tree Pose
35. Hero II Variations75. Triangle
36. King Dancer76. Triangle Variations
37. King Dancer Variations77. Twisting Triangle
38. Legs Against The Wall Pose78. Twisting Triangle Variations
39. The Lion79. Up Dog
40. Locust80. Wheel
81. Twisting Half Moon Pose




















Difficulty Rating (DR)

Each exercise has a difficulty rating between 1 and 5.

Ratings of 1 and 2 mean an exercise requires less concentration and balance skills, is uncomplicated and doesn’t tire you out quickly. A rating of 4 or 5 means the exercise is challenging in all ways.

We recommend you perform exercises marked with higher rating at the start of your workout, with lower rated movements performed at the end. Always do your abdominal, lower back, and postural exercises at the end of your session.

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