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This is a happy story.

Too often, people complain about the customer service they receive.

I would like to tell a story about how someone at Bank of America helped me with excellent customer service and I helped them back in return. After all, the universe is a friendly place!

On Thursday morning, I got up early, worked with a client and then set to work on my business accounting to prepare for the monthly regular visit with my fabulous accountant, Ruth Upchurch.

I like to get all my accounts in order before visiting with Ruth to the best of my personal ability, print out all the statements and go over everything to make sure I have entered in all transactions.

As I was going over my statements, I discovered that someone had basically stolen $571.32 out of my brand new business checking account through an unauthorized wire transfer. I had changed the legal name of my business to Unlimited Energy Inc. as of August 1 and discovered the fraud on my very first bank statement.

I immediately went over to my local branch of Bank of America, where I met with personal banker Marlon Bolton.

It took about half an hour, but Marlon set my mind at ease. He called the company that had received the automatic wire transfer and filed the paperwork to resolve the fraud. He also advised me to shut down the brand new business checking account, which was barely a month old, and set up another new business checking account.

Because I was about to go to teach my Thursday 11 a.m. yoga class, I told Marlon I would have to come back Friday morning.

When I returned at 8:58 a.m. Friday – right when the bank opened – Marlon met me at the door and said, “I am all ready for you!”

He sat down with me and completed the paperwork to shut down one account and set up the new one.

While he was helping me, he asked about what I do. I explained that I am a medical intuitive healer and help people both in Atlanta and all over the world.

He offered to help me set up a new way to receive money, but I explained that I am too busy not only with my business but also working on my third book to make any further changes at this time.

Then he asked me about his back.

I showed him the following poses:

1. Traction twist on the floor of the bank to release his sacroiliac joint

2. Traction twist on the floor of the bank using a phone book to accelerate the opening of his sacroiliac joint

3. Wide leg forward fold with his hands on his desk to open up his sacroiliac joint and lengthen his spine

4. A seated twist in a chair

5. A standing twist using a chair against the wall

If you know what you are doing, you can show someone how to get out of pain anytime, anywhere – even in a bank office! Other managers in the bank did not seem to mind that Marlon was lying on the floor of the bank. One of them even came over to watch and take photos with his iPhone so that he could remember what I taught him.

Marlon had been kind to me. Not only did he assure me that Bank of America would resolve the fraud, he even told me that the bank would replace my checks for free. I had no trouble returning the favor!

The entire incident emphasized to me that even though I have a lot of videos and photos on this website to show people how they can help themselves, I need to provide even more as some of these crucial back stretches have not yet been illustrated.

At the end of the day, I received a message from Marlon:

“Good evening, Ms. Carrigan. This is Marlon Bolton calling from Bank of America on Howell Mill. I am pretty sure you remember me because you had me stretching in my office this morning! I will say thank you because my back does feel a lot better and it’s still going.”

He then asked if I would accommodate a group of 13 to 15 bank employees for a yoga class!

What is healing? Healing happens when we match the energy of people who do good turns for us, expanding beneficial energy to benefit everyone around us.




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