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Few people understand how the habit of worrying drains our energy.

Many even think that the more they worry, the better things will get.

Here’s what really happens:

When you worry about a person, you go weak and they do too.

This is very easy to demonstrate using kinesiology.

If you were sitting in my office, I would ask you to worry. For most people, it only takes about 1 second to pull up their favorite obsession – what to do about their daughter, their son, their brother, their sister, their job, the world economy, wars around the globe, what steps to take next.

Then I muscle test. Literally every muscle in your body will go weak.

Why is this the case?

Simply thinking a negative thought causes you to lose energy.

When you think about everything that you think is wrong with a person, place or situation, you are projecting your ego ideals onto other people’s spiritual path.

The second step is that I would ask you to worry about me.

Once again, for most people, who have overly developed the habit of thinking of everything that could possibly go wrong, this is an easy assignment.

I would ask you not to tell me what you are worrying about – just do it and the energy effects on me are instantaneous.

I then would ask you to muscle test me. I also would go weak. You would go weak.

Everybody goes weak.

Why is this the case?

We feel the energy that other people project onto us instantaneously, whether or not we know or understand what other people are thinking or feeling.

I had to learn this lesson myself in order to become a better medical intuitive healer.

When I was a baby healer (i.e., just beginning my practice), I continued my bad habit of worrying by imagining all the possible ways things could go wrong unless I managed to help my clients.

Worry depletes our spleen chi. Your spleen is your largest lymphatic organ and is part of your immune system.

So in addition to making everybody go energetically weak, the worry habit also literally slows down the flow of your lymph, making you feel icky and congested, and suppresses your immune system.

If you see yourself in this story, here’s how to do it differently: see other people as whole, not broken.

Recognize that everybody is on their very own spiritual path, which probably looks entirely different than your spiritual path.

Here are a few good affirmations you can use to assist you in this process:


When you use this affirmation, you proclaim that even though you don’t understand why other people are going through what they are currently struggling with, you don’t have to understand it, you just honor that they are on their path doing it their way.


Instead of depleting your personal energy by trying to match their life path with your ego ideal of how you think their life should look, you call on a higher power and release the other person. This is a huge blessing to both you and the other person.


When you are absolutely beside yourself, seeing the other person or even yourself and your own life as appearing to be a complete disaster, you can pull yourself and them out of the quagmire by sending divine light and love.

Even if nothing is wrong (in your mind, of course, because only on the ego mental plane are things actually broken), this is a very good habit to choose instead of worrying.

When we surround other people with divine light and love, we see them as having all the resources they need in this moment, no matter what a complete train wreck they may appear to be in our ego-based way of thinking.

Next time you catch yourself in the habit of worrying, stop yourself in medias res and see other people, the world, the economy and the entire planet as being exactly where we all need to be.

You will get your energy back. You will allow other people to do it their way. You will recognize that each of us is here practicing what we are here to practice, even if nobody else understands why that is the case.

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