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Few people understand how they can heal their mind and body very simply by giving up diet sodas.

In every business, there are measures of a job well done. Here at Total Fitness, we see constant evidence of our work :

not just pounds lost, but energy regained,

clients leaving behind prescription medications and other drugs,

greater happiness, peace, and personal growth,

better relationships with food and exercise

and simply having fun with life.

One of the many common impediments to good mental and physical health is drinking sodas. Many people mistakenly think that drinking diet sodas will make them thin.

I am happy to report there’s hefty new evidence that diet sodas in fact can contribute to making you fat. The latest article on the subject in The New York Times asserts that researchers from the University of Minnesota found that the risk of developing metabolic syndrome – a combination of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, and a large waist size – was 34 percent higher among those who drank one can of diet soda per day compared with people drinking no soda.


This was not a fleeting study. The scientists followed 9,500 men and women ages 45 to 64 for nine years. They tracked what they ate and the health consequences that followed.


There are many other health consequences of drinking diet soda, such as decreased serotonin, seizures, headaches, and greater likelihood of depression and cancer. If you want to be slimmer or give up sodas and be healthier then read on.


Why give yourself diabetes by drinking diet soda when there are so many other great alternatives that taste great and may improve your health?


One way to give up a drink that is harmful for you is to find a substitute that’s healthy for you and tastes even better.


From years of experience, I am proud to say that I am 100 percent successful in switching my client’s beverage of choice from sodas. The alternatives are so delicious that when you try them you’ll hardly notice that they also happen to be good for you. Most people who are addicted to diet sodas simply like the sweet, fizzy taste. Here are two alternatives that are sweet and fizzy – two of my secret weapons in the war on fat, toxicity, altered brain chemistry and diabetes:


Cranberry Cocktail




1-2 ounces unsweetened organic cranberry juice from a glass bottle

Liquid stevia to taste

Sparkling water from a glass bottle


Pour cranberry juice in your glass.

Sweeten to taste with stevia.

Fill the remainder with sparkling water.

Comments: Choose beverages from glass bottles whenever possible so that you can avoid the xenoestrogens in plastic leaching into your drink. Cranberry juice is loaded with antioxidants and is great for your kidneys. Many people are functionally dehydrated – especially people who have been living off diet sodas or coffee. Ensure you buy juices that are fresh and not from concentrate.

Organic Lemonade




One bag of Organic lemons

2-4 Organic apples

Liquid stevia to taste

Sparkling water from a glass bottle



Buy a bag of organic lemons. Wash the lemons and cut the ends off.

Run the entire lemon, including the peel, through a juicer. The peel of a lemon contains pectin, which is great for your liver.

Wash 2-4 organic apples. Remove their cores and run them through a juicer. Mix the juice from the lemons and the apples in a glass jar and store in your refrigerator.

Mix the juice from the lemons and the apples in a glass jar and store in your refrigerator.

When you are ready to enjoy your organic lemonade, place 1-2 fluid ounces of lemon-apple mixture in a glass, add stevia to taste and, top with sparkling or still water.

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