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What Is Reiki? Reiki is a simple but profound form of hands-on healing. Once learned, you can use Reiki anytime, anywhere to heal both your self and others. It was developed by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Christian missionary in Kyoto, Japan in the late 1800s who set about to rediscover for himself the healing techniques of Jesus. The Usui system has since been passed to healers all over the world. It includes two basic aspects:


Violas In My Garden

Violas In My Garden

The laying-on of hands.

The use of Reiki symbols to channel ki, or life energy, directly to the human body and nervous system.

What You Will Learn:


How to activate healing energy through your own hands.

A specific sequence of hand positions to heal others.

A sequence of hand positions to heal yourself.

Reiki symbols for physical and emotional healing.

How to use prayer to open every healing session and direct life energy effectively.

How to sense the energy field of yourself and others, developing your psychic gift of feeling.

How to use essential oils and gemstones to amplify the beneficial effects of all healing work.

How to use Reiki to clear the energy of any room.

Location: Reiki I and II will be held at the Total Fitness office at 1951 Northside Drive. You can find the map with directions on our website, www.totalfitness.net. Cost: $350, or $325 with a $50 non-refundable deposit received no later than June 14. Class size is limited, so please register early.


A Personal Story About Reiki


On my recent vacation to Sedona, Arizona, I hiked up a mountain one morning, only to discover at the top an unusual pain in my lower back. Most people would have remained uncomfortable —at least until they could have gotten down the mountain to stretch, or, at worst, days later when they could have gone home to visit their friendly neighborhood chiropractor. Being a Reiki master, however, I had other means at my disposal. I simply sat on a rock, brought myself into a meditative state, and visualized the Reiki symbols covering the area where I felt uncomfortable. In less than five minutes, the pain was gone. I hiked down the mountain, pain-free the remainder of the vacation


Mind-Body Healing Meditation


Even if you have not yet learned how to channel Reiki healing energy, you can follow these simple steps anytime you want to feel better:


Identify your area of discomfort. If your pain is physical, visualize the area of the body concerned. If you are emotional stressed, do your best to identify which part of your physical body seems to be carrying the stress.


Sit down and relax.


Ride the elevator up through your body. Beginning at your feet, move your awareness sequentially upwards through your body. Arrive just slightly above and behind the head, one or two inches beyond the scalp.


Begin to visualize a healing color and direct that color to the stressed part of your body. Studies with pharmaceutical drugs have shown that all drugs have a specific energetic vibration. You are a VIP—a vibrational interference pattern. There is more space in your being than there is actual matter. Scientific research has shown that you can be healed just the same by a drug OR by the specific vibration of the drug. Once you begin to comprehend the fact that light, color and sound are all vibrations, you can open your mind to the endless possibilities of vibrational healing. The color you choose for each healing will probably be different—the healing properties of color are a dissertation unto itself!


Spend no more than 5 minutes channeling the healing energy. If you find yourself feeling tired or your mind wandering, stop sooner.


Ride the elevator back down into your body. Feel your hands, feel your spine, feel your legs and feet.


Open your eyes and get regrounded.


Your Reiki Master, Catherine Carrigan


I first received a Reiki treatment from a fellow Phi Beta Kappa member and personal trainer—the same one who told me that I should study yoga. As I look back, I am immensely grateful for his example.


At a personal training convention in Baltimore, MD, years ago, I met another fitness expert who had incorporated Reiki for many years in his practice. My colleague, Anthony Brizandine, runs the Fitness Guru Studio and Holistic Center in Matawan, N.J. Why incorporate Reiki with physical fitness? Because not everyone feels well all the time. Because relaxation and recharging the body are every bit as important as working out. Because the physical body is not the limit or the end-all of your being—you have other aspects of yourself—a body of energy that reflects and affects your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being as much as anything else.

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