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Guest Post by Art Costello, author of Expectation Therapy: Mastering Your Expectations

I can’t even begin to count the number of pounds I’ve lost and gained in the past fifty years. It blows my mind and causes me to be irritated at myself for not keeping to the many promises I made to myself to not put the weight back on. Does that sound familiar? If it does, don’t feel alone since there are million of us out there. We have spent a lot of hard earned dollars to beat the pounds vs. dollar game. I’m not trying to pull the wool over your eye’s when I use the word game because to the food industry it is just that, a multi billion dollar game to get you to spend money on the sundry of products and gimmicks they peddle for weight loss. You are enticed to believe that there is something wrong with you, because you have no will power, your genetics are against you, perhaps there are mental issues, or any number of excuses.  This list could go on and on.  It’s the way the game was designed!

I’ve been great at losing weight and I stink at keeping it off! I consider myself a pretty smart person and have put a lot of thought into why I keep regressing back to old habits. I went to the doctor a few weeks back because my knee was hurting and I thought I had torn something in it. I’ve always had great reports from the medical side of my life, good blood pressure, HDL both ways, just overweight!  The doctor informed me that I had arthritis. What? Me? No Way. How could that be? I’ve always been healthy as a horse, but even horses grow older and cannot perform as they did in their youth. I asked what I could do to improve my situation and of course losing some pounds would help, better diet and exercise, primarily the standard from the medical field.

Since I have written a book on expectations, Expectation Therapy, I really wanted to put the best processes in place to end this yo-yo cycle of weight loss. My wife and I had heard about a book called 10-Day Detox Diet by Dr. Mark Hyman. As I was reading the book I soon had a light bulb moment! It wasn’t all me, though I like to take reasonability, in fact, I was addicted to sugar and gluten! Holy Crap I’m an addict! Actually this is a blessing in disguise since I know addictions can and are resolvable. The book opens one’s eyes to the how and why’s that put us in this position and gives us good solid techniques on how to break the cycle. It’s great and has really made a difference in my quality of life. My mental and physical acuity has increased and I feel so much better. The thing that I notice the most is my cravings for bread products have gone away. I grew up eating bread products and craved them more that sweets of any type. I would literally sit down and eat a loaf of bread without butter or anything on it and be in seventh heaven! Portion control has become much easier and I feel full and satisfied earlier in the meal process. No more grazing and denial!

Here are some hints on breaking the addiction to sugars and carbohydrates, which will get you on the road to success:

1. Get rid of all the addictive items in your kitchen – clean out the cabinets and refrigerator of the following items:

  • Soda & caffeine drinks which are highly addictive and destructive
  • Any item that will cause you to waiver
  • Replace the bad food with good organic vegetables & nuts
  • No dairy products
  • Remove artificial or junk food entirely from residence

2. Prepare your mind for success—bring a focused mindfulness to the change:

  • Positive thoughts create positive result
  • You are whom you think you are——think healthy
  • Add contemplation time or yoga
  • Add Omega-3’s    which are great brain food
  • Create a positive support system of friends and family

3. Reduce the amount of TV & Computer Time:

  • Read more for mental stimulation.
  • TV food ads can make or break your mindfulness
  • Remove distractions

4. Get outdoors and become more interactive with friends and family:

  • Clear the mind and reattach with nature
  • Establishing connections creates bonds of support
  • Invigorating actives release’s stress
  • Reinvent yourself from within

Success lies with our own expectations and the processes we create for success. I can tell you my craving are gone and I feel great. My parents both lived long lives so I know genetics is in my favor. They both lived life to the fullest and not in the healthiest of terms, food and drink wise.  When I say to friends I’m going to live to be 137 years old it’s done in jest but in my heart I believe I can and will live to be 137. This is my expectation and nothing will diminish it.


Prepare and set the stage mentally for your success, you control your future and destiny at every level. Focus and hone in on what you want, create a plan of action and then take action and make it happen. Be fearless and relentless in your pursuit. Believe in yourself! You are whom you think you are and success is yours for the taking.

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