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When Bob Ellis came to me, he had lived for years in chronic pain—knee pain, shoulder pain, pain all over. Although he exercised regularly—going to a gym to use machine weights and enjoying a regular step class—his ability to participate was diminishing. He felt so bad he wanted to have his shoulders operated on.


I suggested Bob give Total Fitness a try. After all, we have helped many other clients regain mobility in their hips and shoulders. Bob was dubious—he could not put his jacket on to go to work without assistance from his wife, and he could not lift his arms higher than chest level.


Today, Bob has lost 20 lbs. And he can swing his arms in full rotation. There’s spring in his step, and his energy has returned. How? We used a combination of yogassage, acupressure, nutrition, Feldenkrais and shoulder rehab exercises. “If there’s one thing I’m a believer in, it’s nutrition,” said Bob, who has learned to enjoy wheatgrass juice and forgo the pleasures of fried foods.

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