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Upper Body and Core Workout Exercise Videos

Now you can get specific tips about how to get leaner faster. We recommend you view them before starting a new exercise program.

Please also view our disclaimer before commencing any of these upper body and core exercises.

Difficulty Rating (DR) Each exercise has a difficulty rating between 1 and 5: see below for explanation.

List of Exercises

Click on one of the exercises below to be taken directly to the video.

1. Back Extensions On Ball22. Oblique Twist With Kick On Ball
2. Bent Over Reverse Fly With Dumbbells23. One-Legged Seated Lateral Arm Raise
3. Bent Over Row With Barbell24. Prone Torso Twist On Ball
4. Bent Over Row With Reverse Grip25. Reverse Fly on Ball
5. Bicep Curls Balancing On Ball26. Russian Twist With Medicine Ball
6. Cable Fly on Ball27. Seated Cable Row
7. Chest Press on Ball28. Seated Reverse Woodchop On Ball
8. Close Grip Lat Pull With Cable29. Seated Woodchop On Ball
9. Cross Body Shoulder Rotations30. Shoulder Press With Hammer Curl
10. Dumbbell Chest Fly On Ball31. Shoulder Press on Ball
11. Forward Ball Roll32. Standing Shoulder Rotations
12. Hovering Cobras33. Straight Arm Lat Pull With Cable
13. Incline Dumbbell Chest Press On Ball34. Swiss Ball Side Flexion
14. Lat Pullover On Ball With Dumbbell35. Triceps Dumbbell Press On Ball
15. Lat Pullover On Ball With Medicine Ball36. Tummy Vacuum
16. Lower Abdominal No. 137. Upper Ab Crunch On Ball
17. Lower Abdominal No. 2A38. Upright Row With Barbell
18. Lower Abdominal No. 2B39. Wide Grip Lat Pull With Cable
19. Lower Abdominal No. 3
20. Lower Abdominal No. 4
21. Oblique Twist On Ball




















Difficulty Rating (DR)

Each exercise has a difficulty rating between 1 and 5.

Ratings of 1 and 2 mean an exercise requires less concentration and balance skills, is uncomplicated and doesn’t tire you out quickly. A rating of 4 or 5 means the exercise is challenging in all ways.

We recommend you perform exercises marked with higher rating at the start of your workout, with lower rated movements performed at the end. Always do your abdominal, lower back, and postural exercises at the end of your session.

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