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Mark Your Calendar for Our Upcoming Events: Seminar, Understanding Your Brain and Psychic Gifts, Aug. 7-8 Bike and Yoga Tour, Oct. 30-Nov. 6


Biking and Yoga Tour,

Oct. 30-Nov. 6


Bridge Pose

Bridge Pose


Join us Oct.30 through Nov. 6 for the vacation of your life – a biking and yoga tour of the Outer Banks of North Carolina with Total Fitness.


This bike tour will be lead by Henry Edmunds, vice president of Total Fitness, and Gary MacKinnon, an avid cyclist from Los Angeles. Enjoy daily yoga with Catherine Carrigan to balance the mind and body for each day’s activities.


Whether you’re a serious biker or just like to peddle for fun, this tour is for you.


“Everyone is welcome,” says Henry Edmunds, an experienced tour guide. “There will be plenty of beautiful views for those who choose to make the distance each day, and a sag wagon for those who get tired.”


Spend a total of five days cycling, with a day of recovery in the middle of the tour. Visit sailing villages, Kitty Hawk, gorgeous beaches and quiet islands.


Estimated cost: $100 per day, which covers the tour, the sag wagon, breakfast, lunch and lodging. Each person will buy their own dinner.


Tour size is limited to 12 participants, so sign up today. To reserve your place, please send a $100 nonrefundable deposit made out to Henry Edmunds no later than Aug. 30.


What you will need: A bicycle, of course! If you don’t want have one, there are two options: rent your own or Henry Edmunds may be able to lend you one, depending on the size bike you require. Henry will also provide a list of all necessary gear.


For more information, please visit our link atwww.totalfitness.net/NC_Tour. You can also call Henry Edmunds, 404-350-8581 or email henry@totalfitness.net or Gary MacKinnon atgary@mackinnon.com or 323-939-1487.


Understanding Your Brain and Psychic Gifts:

Aug. 7-8


Join Catherine Carrigan Aug. 7-8 for this two-day class on “Understanding Your Brain and Psychic Gifts.”


News flash – each of us is different! There are 54 possible brain profiles. How you use your brain has a lot to do with how well you communicate, how coordinated you are in athletic activities and even what kind of job you are happiest doing.


Your ordinary senses – your eyes, your ears and your mouth – are governed by your brain profile.


In addition, each of us has psychic gifts – extraordinary senses of seeing, feeling, hearing and knowing – which you may or may not be taking advantage of.


“Psychic gifts are every bit as logical as ordinary senses – once you understand them,” says Catherine Carrigan. “Just like an artist needs to learn how to see or a musician needs to learn how to listen, each of us can learn how to use our psychic gifts once we have an intellectual, left-brain comprehension of how they work and how to use them for our best advantage.”


What you will learn in this class:


How you use your brain

How to overcome your individual learning challenges

The difference between left-brain and right-brain processing

How to improve your eye-hand and eye-foot coordination

How to understand other people who are thinking and perceiving differently than you

How to communicate effectively with all kinds of people

The difference between the gifts of prophecy, intuition, feeling and vision

Your predominant psychic gift

How to use your psychic gift in every day life

How to use your extraordinary gifts to maximize your performance.

Catherine Carrigan specializes in bringing out the best in others.


She uses her understanding of brain profiles and psychic gifts to communicate in the best possible way with each of her clients and helps each person understand themselves more deeply.


“It is not uncommon for my clients to say to me, ‘You understand me better than my best friend who has known me 20 years,'” says Catherine Carrigan.


“I like to help people understand themselves and show them how, given their unique gifts and talents, they can be the very best they can be.


“If you understand yourself and how you process information, you can also have compassion and understanding for others, who are most certainly thinking and gathering information in their own unique ways.”


This class is ideal for:


Teachers, therapists, healers, fitness trainers

Those who need to communicate with other people for a living

Athletes who want to perform their best

Anyone who has been curious about their psychic gifts, but who wants a logical explanation of how these gifts work

All those who want to be the best they can be.

Cost: $375, or $350, with a $50 nonrefundable deposit received by Aug. 1.




Yoga Classes: Every Tuesday and Thursday, 7:30-9 p.m. at Holy Spirit Catholic Church, 4465 Northside Drive. For a map with directions to yoga, please visit https://www.totalfitness.net/.


Qi Gong Class: twice in July – July 7 and July 28. Call 404-350-8581 for more information. For a map with directions, or to find out about our private instruction, please visit www.totalfitness.net or call 404-350-8581.

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