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Join Total Fitness on Saturday, Aug. 14, for the kickoff of a 90-Day Health and Fitness Challenge at the Rhema Christian Fellowship. This 90-day challenge will inspire you to eat better, rest more, exercise safely and feel your best. It is free and open to the public. Prizes will be given out to those who lose weight and exercise. Find out the details of how you can be a winner when you join us for the first meeting. If you have been wanting to put together a foundation program for eating and exercise, mark your calendar for 2 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 14, and come to the Rhema Christian Fellowship at 1766 Lakewood Avenue, S.E. At the kickoff, Catherine Carrigan of Total Fitness will present: – A 27-point questionnaire to evaluate your health. You can use this information to discuss with your medical doctor which organ systems need further attention.


Seated Bicep Curl

Seated Bicep Curl

There is a difference between health and fitness – if you are not healthy, there is a limit to how fit you can be. We start all our programs at Total Fitness with this thorough evaluation because there are often hidden factors – hormonal imbalances, insulin resistance, faulty digestion or chronic inflammation – that keep even the most determined dieters and exercisers from losing weight. – A stress questionnaire to evaluate your stress level.


Many people totally miss the subject of stress management when beginning a diet or fitness regime. Stress changes your metabolism. The more stressed you are, the more your body is challenged to handle carbohydrates or digest fats and absorb proteins. In addition, stress is the backdrop over which many chronic illnesses develop, including heart disease and cancer. Only when your body is out of extreme stress can you build muscle or handle high intensity exercise. – A nutrition plan you can live with the rest of your life.


Find out how to figure out how many grams of carbohydrates your body can really handle, and how to plan meals that will stop your cravings and help you lose weight. – Basic fitness information, including how to figure out how hard you should be exercising to get the best results.


For more information about how you can join the 90-Day Health and Fitness Challenge, email Catherine Carrigan at daylilly@aol.com or call the church at 404-622-5999. Directions to Rhema Christian Fellowship From I75 N traveling South: Start on I-75/I-85 S. Take the Exit 244 . Turn left on University Ave SW and travel 0.5 miles Bear right on Mcdonough Blvd. SE and travel 0.2 miles Continue on Jonesboro Road SE and travel 0.9 miles Bear right on Lakewood Avenue SE and travel 0.1 miles Arrive at 1766 Lakewood Avenue SE


From I 285 East: Exit Moreland Avenue SE Turn left on Constitution Rd SE and travel 1.0 mile Turn right on Jonesboro Road SE and travel 1.1 miles Turn left on Claire Dr. SE and travel .1 miles Turn right on Lakewood Avenue SE and arrive at 1766 Lakewood Avenue


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