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Total Fitness is pleased to announce that we now offer Total Body Modification (TBM), a system of kinesiology that uses body points to improve the function of muscles, glands and organs.


Bridge Pose

Bridge Pose

Here are a few of the simplest TBM techniques you can easily use on yourself:


1. To improve your vision:


Put the palm of your right hand over the right side of your forehead, making sure you also slightly push up on your right eyebrow. Put your left hand behind the occiput (the back of your head). Squeeze the two sides together very gently, three to five times, as you inhale.


Switch hands and repeat on the opposite side.


2. To stop a menopausal hot flash:


Place your finger tips on either side of your eyebrows at the slight indentation called the temporal fossae. Rub gently with your eyes open, then eyes closed. This acts as a switch for the hypothalamus and thalamus in your brain.


3. To stop cold chills:


Rub gently on the right temporal fossae only, eyes open, eyes closed. Inhale and exhale.


4. Insomnia:


Gently rub the tips of the mastoid, the bone behind each ear. Inhale and exhale.


5. Motion sickness:


Gently rub the tips of the mastoids or chew a piece of ginger. Breathe.


6. To stop a heart arrhythmia:


Tap lightly and rapidly over your right breast at the 4-5 rib interspace for exactly 30 seconds. Deepen your breathing.


7. To improve pituitary function:


Put your thumb on one side of the bridge of your nose and the pointer finger on the other. Place your other hand at the back of your head on your occiput. As you inhale, gently lift both sides up and together. Repeat 3-5 times.


The pituitary is one of the most important glands in the brain. Because it is part of the HPA axis (hypothylamic-pituitary-adrenal axis) that is affected by stress, it is frequently not functioning well in clients who are depressed, anxious, exhausted, have hormonal problems or a multitude of other mood problems. The pituitary gland governs your thyroid, ovaries/testes and adrenals, among other things, so improving it can have a profound effect on your metabolism, sex drive and energy level.


8. To improve your pineal gland:


Put your hands on either side of your head above your ears. The heels of your hands will be over your ears, your fingertips will be pointing up. As you inhale, very gently lift both sides up, as if you were lifting the top off an eggshell. Repeat 3-5 times.


The pineal gland is most stressed when a person is not receiving adequate sunlight. People who live in northern latitudes or anyone who spends too much time indoors over the winter months may experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD) because the pineal is not working right.


Your pineal gland helps you make melatonin to sleep well. You will know when your pineal is working optimally when you are sleeping deeply enough to dream.


As my clients well know, I am always studying to bring the latest and greatest techniques in fitness, nutrition and healing to Total Fitness.


Total Body Modification is best experienced with a trained practitioner who can assess what needs to be done. A TBM session can take as little as 30 minutes. Clients walk away with improved posture, more energy, better mood and less pain.


I am personally grateful for TBM because it is through working with other practitioners who used these techniques on me that I have had improved my personal health, both brain function and total body function. That is why I was so eager to master TBM – to help my clients have the same level of success!


Like so many other kinesiologies, TBM demonstrates how profoundly the body is interconnected. Your whole body is like a hologram, with the function of one area expressing the quality of consciousness in another.


Often one gland, muscle or organ is underfunctioning because of stress in a seemingly unrelated area of the body. When you understand the acu points that relate to different glands and organs, you are back in the drivers seat of your own health.


Two of the most important TBM techniques address syndromes affecting the back:


1. Cardiac low back. Many people are experiencing low back pain because they are pushing themselves too hard in life. The body is very, very intelligent. Just like the breaker switch in your house will turn off an electrical circuit that becomes overloaded, the low back gives out if a person is under so much stress that if they keep going, they might damage their heart.


You can work with a qualified TBM practitioner to clear the stress in your lower back.


2. Chronic nagging back pain. Others experience chronic pain because the neurological connection between the brain and the back has either never been established or has been broken. When your brain is not aware of your back, you unconsciously may put yourself in postures or continue physical activities that hurt yourself on a regular basis. Simply by restoring the connection between the pineal gland and the back can eliminate pain and prevent you from hurting yourself again.Join us Jan. 7-8 for a Total Fitness Seminar:

Willingness, The Key to Motivation



If you are a fitness trainer, personal coach or anyone who has wondered why you have not been able to accomplish goals you have set out for yourself, come to this two-day seminar, Jan. 7– 8.


What you will learn:


1. Basic kinesiology.


2. Willingness, a profound but simple technique of assessing and clearing the blocks to achieving any goal.


I have used this technique successfully to help many a client do what they always wanted to do but never thought they could actually accomplish.


Dr. David Hawkins, M.D., author of Power Vs. Force, has identified willingness as a major turning point in consciousness.


You may want to be wealthy, thin, healthy or successful, but not willing to do what it takes to get there. Your blocks can either be conscious or subconscious.


Most of my clients are extremely intelligent – I am honored to count several geniuses among my clientele. Most have already done everything they could think of to be healthier, more fit, thinner or to achieve any number of other personal goals. Many have seen countless other practitioners before arriving at my doorstep. It is by identifying and then helping my clients to clear what is really holding them back that I am able to guide them to make the profound changes they are seeking.


Admission to the class is by permission of the instructor only.


Class size is limited, so please register early. Cost: $375, or $350 with a $50 nonrefundable deposit. Please call 404-350-8581 or email Daylilly@aol.com to register for the class.


Catherine Carrigan Featured in New Book About People Healing the Planet


Catherine Carrigan, author of Healing Depression: A Holistic Guide (New York: Marlowe and Co, 1999), is featured in a new book, Softly On This Earth: Joining Those Who Are Healing Our Planet (Victoria, B.C., Canada: Trafford Publishing, 2004) by Ethan Smith.


“This book was written to inspire more people to make choices from their hearts, to know that their actions do make a difference and to know that, in their efforts to leave soft footprints, they are never walking alone,” author Ethan Smith wrote.


Catherine Carrigan was asked to write about her healing work with Total Fitness.


“They come from all walks of life,” Smith wrote of those he asked to contribute, “yet they are all united by the choices they have made. Courageous choices that have helped make a difference in the world around them. They are all advocates for the environmental, social and ethical health of the world.”


Total Fitness Classes



Yoga: Join us every Tuesday and Thursday, 7:30-9 p.m., 4465 Northside Drive at Holy Spirit Catholic Church in McDonough Hall. For a map with directions, visit https://www.totalfitness.net/.


Qi Gong: Join us Wednesdays at 5:30 for Qi Gong, 1951 Northside Drive.


For more information about how you can be totally fit, please visit https://www.totalfitness.net/, or email us at Daylilly@aol.com.

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