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Total Fitness is pleased to offer Peak Performance/Life Coaching Training through specialized kinesiology.


As most of my clients are aware, I have dedicated myself to learning the latest, best techniques for personal transformation.


Most recently, my studies have taken me to London, Ontario, Canada, where I just completed a mentorship with specialized kinesiologist Sue Maes. After studying with Sue, I can take a rest from traveling—these techniques are the most powerful and effective for personal and professional transformation I have found anywhere!


One of the great things about training with Total Fitness is that we operate from a unique paradigm.


You go to the doctor when you are sick, to the therapist when you feel like there’s something wrong with you, or to the chiropractor when you want someone else to fix you. You train at Total Fitness when you have the courage to be the best you can be. Our process is all about personal empowerment, self healing and the dramatic personal growth that comes from becoming stronger in all areas of life.


Specialized kinesiology is a sophisticated system combining muscle biofeedback, acupressure, and advanced energy healing techniques. I have combined Sue Maes’ protocol with a process of goal setting for peak performance. Even without advertising, the word has already gotten out. People have booked trips from North Carolina, Colorado and Utah to experience specialized kinesiology at Total Fitness.


After a 10-week program, Sue Maes’ EEG brain research proves that most individuals will have made a profound neurological improvement. I myself was excited to study with Sue because of her work improving brain chemistry through neurotransmitters, which is unlike anything I have experienced with any practitioner—traditional or alternative.


Whether you are an athlete seeking to improve your performance or an ordinary individual wanting to enhance your mental, physical or spiritual well-being, Peak Performance/Life Coaching at Total Fitness offers you access to profound and effective neurological enhancement techniques.


How does the program work? After an initial consultation, we determine your current brain performance and recommend an individualized series of mental fitness exercises.


Then we look at the eight major areas of your life and establish goals for each one. Even if you are only interested in improving your physical fitness, we use kinesiology to identify and remove the blocks to your ultimate success.


I believe that to be your best, you study and learn from the best. That’s why I went to Canada. Sue’s mentorship program was so exciting I plan to repeat the entire process again this fall. In the meanwhile, become part of this exciting adventure—join those who have gotten thinner, happier, stronger and pain free!


Client Success: Work Out Smarter, Get Thinner


Lee Townsend was already a determined woman when I first met her. She was working out four days a week, eating only about 1,200 calories a day—and when she heard about me, she insisted on finding time to train with me, even though at first I wasn’t sure we could find time.


At age 58, only 5 feet 1 inches tall, it would have been easy for Lee to accept her excess pounds. Many people blame their weight on their age or the fact that they aren’t quite as tall as they would like to be.


We put together an individualized program for Lee that included finding out her ideal body type diet, Peak Performance/Life Coaching training through specialized kinesiology, yoga therapy, and specific breathing exercises to maximize her thyroid and pituitary functions, as she had been struggling with hormonal imbalances. Results? Less than 6 weeks later, Lee has lost 6 lbs. “I’m not having to kill myself,” says Lee, who has been enjoying a combined workout program of yoga, weights, and early-morning treadmill. “I feel so much better. I am not hungry, my sugar levels are even. I am so much calmer than I ever would have been before.” Her advice? “Don’t worry about your weight every day. Just know it’s going to come off!”


Balance Your Body Chemistry, Lose Weight


If you have been exercising regularly and are faithfully and honestly eating a low calorie diet, one place to look for clues may be your body chemistry.


You can purchase pH paper from any drugstore to test the chemistry of your body fluids. Many naturopaths say that if your saliva is too alkaline (over 7.0), you may have difficulty breaking down carbohydrates, since carbohydrate digestion begins in the mouth.


Macrobiotic cooks have long known that the secret to optimal health lies in body chemistry. The most common condition is acidity. If your are too acidic (less than 6.0), you tend towards arthritis, fatigue,constant aches and pains in your body and may have greater difficulty shedding excess weight.


According to Acid and Alkaline by Herman Aihara, the founder of macrobiotics, diabetes is the most common disease that causes acidosis. The body is unable to use glucose, so fats are incompletely burned and acid substances are produced. You can balance your body chemistry through better food choices, including more fruits and vegetables. Detoxing may also be an option.


To Be Thin, Eat Like A Thin Person


One of the great inspirations I have received over the past month was a visit from Lucy Beale, author, lecturer and expert on natural weight loss.


To be thin, Lucy says, you have to eat like a thin person.


No, thin people don’t eat everything that comes down the pike. They wait until they are hungry—and they know they are hungry because their stomach growls. They stop eating before they are actually full—not necessarily before their plate is empty.


If you would like to learn more about the psychology of weight loss, Lucy Beale’s audiotapes can be ordered from her web site, www.LucyBeale.com. I highly recommend these tapes for all those who have been wondering how to improve their eating habits.

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