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Total Fitness has become the first fitness company in Atlanta to offer Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching from the Chek Institute of Encinitas, California. Paul Chek is a holistic health practitioner known worldwide for his excellence in personal fitness training. He believes the fitness industry has been polluted in recent years by over-reliance on machine-based exercise programs and by the proliferation of chemically-based fake foods. If you have been wanting to understand how you can transform your body with real food and exercise programs based on your unique health and metabolic profile, this is the program for you. You can benefit from either private sessions or group classes—just call 404-350-8581 to set up an appointment for yourself or your company. Benefits:


Figure the ideal ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and fats for you to achieve your ideal body composition. In the past, Total Fitness has offered body-type dieting based on the work of Dr. Carolyn Mein. We can now add another important dimension—taking into account your personal metabolism, which may change depending on your health and exercise program.


Find out how you should be exercising based on your total physiological load. The idea that there is one fitness program appropriate for all clients at all times is ridiculous. Your physiological load takes into account not only injuries you have experienced, but also the health of all your organs. To improve your fitness, exercise in a way that makes every organ system stronger and gives you energy.


Discover how food allergies may be hindering your ability to lose weight. For years, as a kinesiologist, I have been able to help clients identify common foods they may have been eating for years that are interfering with their digestion and affecting their mood and energy level. Paul Chek points at wheat and gluten grains as a major factor for caucasians.


Understand breathing techniques that help you to boost your metabolism. As long as you are breathing primarily through your mouth, your stress level will continue to be high and your ability to burn fat during your workouts may be compromised.


Learn why workouts with free weights, Swiss balls and body-weight exercises may be superior to what you are currently practicing. Through the years, I have had countless clients who have injured themselves working out on exercise machines. They don’t understand why their abdominal muscles never flatten, why they have constant back pain or why their muscles are so imbalanced that simple activities like walking or running become painful or impossible.


Educate yourself about the benefits of organic food. While Paul Chek believes in vitamins and minerals, there is no substitute for a whole-food based diet of hormone-free meats and fruits and vegetables without pesticides. For more information, look up www.chekinstitute.com.


Healing Depression: A Holistic Guide

Featured in Australia



It’s the dream of every author to find readers around the world. When I wrote Healing Depression: A Holstic Guide, I wanted to start nothing less than a revolution. Drugs are the last and not even the best means of healing the mind, I believe. I knew I was in the right place at the Chek Institute when I read Paul Chek’s motto: “Exercise: The drug of choice.” Now a group of kinesiologists in Australia has endorsed my book.


The June 2002 issues of Kinergetics Update recommends Healing Depression to all specialized kinesiologists. The issue includes excerpts from the book, including lists of chemicals known to depress the central nervous system, foods most likely to cause depression and foods most likely to improve your mood.


For readers who have not yet discovered Healing Depression, here is the list: Fresh vegetable, fresh fruit in moderatio, protein, range fed meats, cold-pressed vegetable oils, whole grains excluding wheat, nuts, and organic foods. The book covers a wide range of alternative methods that can be used effectively.


Kinergetics is a kind of kinesiology developed by Philip Rafferty. It has been used to improve the health of thousands of people worldwide, including many with depression. To find out more, you can contact Philip at philip@kinergetics.com.au.

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