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Whether you are recovering from a serious illness or simply want to deepen your level of stress management, Total Fitness is now pleased to offer Integrative Yoga Therapy to the Atlanta area.


According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, yoga is one of the most widely-accepted and well-documented forms of alternative medicine. The Yoga Biomedical Trust in London, England, has been conducting scientific research on the many health benefits of yoga therapy since since a Cambridge molecular biologist, Dr. Robin Monro, used it to recover from life-long asthma in the early 1960s.


Yoga Therapy may be experienced in group classes or individual sessions. At Total Fitness, we may incorporate some of these powerful techniques into an individualized Life Coaching program.


Some of the benefits you may experience from Integrative Yoga Therapy:


An understanding how separation leads to illness and how reintegration of your mind, body and spirit may contribute to recovery from many life-long challenges.


A personalized yoga program that will serve as a helpful adjunct to any therapy prescribed by your medical doctor. Integrative Yoga Therapy is practiced in hospitals around the world.


Self-healing techniques that you can learn to do for yourself every week. Total Fitness is committed to teaching the latest mind-body innovations, which also include Brain Gym and Touch for Health.


Techniques that we can perform with you to relieve pain and stiffness, including yogassage, a combination of yoga and Thai massage.


Henry H. Edmunds Named

Vice President of Operations


Henry H. Edmunds has been named vice president of operations for Total Fitness.


In addition to maintaining the web site www.totalfitness.net and handling all finances, Henry Edmunds will begin organizing group bike rides for Total Fitness clients.


Henry’s experience in biking goes back about 30 years. While in California, he organized large outdoor adventure trips, including skiing, cycling, backpacking and hiking.


To join the Total Fitness bike club, call Henry Edmunds at 770-793-0188.


www.Aboutstress.com Fires Up


It’s official: www.aboutstress.com will be up and running in August.


This national website has asked me to be their mind-body fitness expert. Once a month, I’ll be available online to answer all your questions about how you can use exercise, nutrition and mind-body techniques to lower your stress levels and achieve peak performance.


Frequently asked questions about conventional exercise, yoga, meditation and Brain Gym are posted on the site, along with information from other experts about how you can take charge and lower your stress level.


Many people are not motivated to try yoga or meditate until I tell them that sress will literally lower your metabolism. Your thyroid hormones work in the body in proportion to your stress hormones. When your level of the stress hormone cortiol is high, it literally may suppress your thyroid—causing you to gain weight and feel exhausted and depressed.


Further, high cortisol will interfere with your ability to build muscle when you lift weights or to control your appetite.


Are you motivated? Take a deep breath and log on to learn more.


To Build Muscle, Small, Frequent Protein Meals Best


Despite what other nutritionists may say, Dr. Atkins has done many things for Americans who had given up hope they could ever lose weight.


As I have been discussing in my past newsletters, it’s important to gauge your carbohydrate consumption to your activity level. Eat less when you plan to be sedentary over the next three to five hours, and eat more carbohydrates before you work out.


The same principle can be applied to your protein consumption—namely, small amounts are better. Your body will digest small protein meals better than larger ones, and furthermore, too much of anything—be it fat, protein or carbohydrate—will be stored as fat if you eat more than you can digest and burn off. Follow this advice when you fill your plate: your protein serving should be the size of a deck of cards.


Doctors Say Milk Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be


The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine wants the Federal Trade Commission to require the dairy industry to tone down its “Got Milk?” ads. Neal D. Bernard, president of the committee, goes as far as calling milk “an unhealthy product.”


The doctors unsuccessfully challenged the Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services to delete milk and meat products from the 2000 edition of their dietary guidelines. That meat and milk are included in the Food Pyramid, says

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