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“Books! I dunno if I ever told you this, but books are the greatest gift one person can give another.”



New Book Now Available In Our Webstore, Join The Party!


I am pleased to report that after seven months of hard work by me and my wonderful support team, my new book is now available through our webstore.


Order your copy today of What Is Healing? Awaken Your Intuitive Power for Health and Happiness.


You can be one of the first to get your copy by joining us for my book release party on Saturday, May 4, from 2 to 5 p.m. The party will be at 1951 Northside Drive in the Collier Hills subdivision of Atlanta. Come and enjoy my garden and hear selections from my book. I have been busy making original gemstone earrings for everyone who buys my book at the party and have both pierced and non-pierced earrings to give away in gratitude.


Joining us for the party will be my editor Thomas Hill of Launchpad Press, who has worked with me since January. I am eternally grateful to Thomas, who I rate as a true genius. If anybody ever needs a brilliant, kind, thoughtful editor, Thomas is your man.


During our process, I asked Thomas why he was working so hard to help me. He said, “Catherine, reading your book, I felt like my spiritual IQ went up 20 points.”


Thanks to Thomas, I added 20,000 words to the manuscript, which has ended up at about 64,000 words or 344 pages plus a seven-page introduction in the printed book full of health and fitness tips. Now that’s a labor of love!

I also want to thank Greg Keesey of Silver Knight Industries, https://silverknightauthorwebsites.com, for making my new webstore possible. You will find our brand new, first-class webstore to be easy to use.







Seated Woodchop

Seated Woodchop

Audiobook Version Coming Soon!


I have commissioned John Mahoney of Raven Audiobooks to create an audiobook version of What Is Healing? Awaken Your Intuitive Power for Health and Happiness.


For many years, I spent literally three hours a day in my car – which is why, at the end of the day, I now work out of my home.


During the five years that I spent three hours of my every working day in a car, I listened to virtually every audiobook I could get my hands on. Listening to books was the only thing that kept me from losing my mind in heavy Atlanta traffic.


I realize that in today’s busy society, not everybody has the luxury of sitting with a printed book in their hands, so I commissioned John to make the audiobook.

Fortunately, for all of us, the poet Holly Parsons, author of Soul of A Woman, is reading my book.


John sent me a sample of Holly’s voice and I knew immediately that she was the one to read my book. Holly speaks directly from her heart and has such a beautiful voice, you could listen to her all day.


Once complete, you will be able to download an audiobook version for your computer or smart phone through my webstore, https://shop.totalfitness.net, or www.amazon.com or www.itunes.com or www.audible.com.


Seated Ball Twist

Seated Ball Twist

Client Testimonial: Madeline Deleski


This is my testimonial for the miraculous healing you’ve helped me acquire.


Before I came to see Catherine, my stomach was very bloated and I had sores that itched terribly on my arms, legs and back. I’ve been to a traditional dermatologist and food allergist several times over the past three years, yet the bloating and sores persisted. After only two months working with Catherine, 98% of the sores on my body are gone as well as 100% of my stomach bloating.


Since my first visit with Catherine on Valentine’s Day (how appropriate!), I’ve been drinking coconut milk with Bio Detox and Immunomax every morning. Catherine says that it’s important to cleanse from the inside. I’ve also replaced my personal hygiene products with non-toxic brands. My food intake has been completely altered due to numerous food sensitivities that Catherine identified through kinesiology.


I now make quinoa, carrot/butternut squash soup, wild rice, and other pure foods. I actually enjoy browsing around Whole Foods and Trader Joes and cooking the delicious food that I buy!


Catherine is helping me identify the major stressors in my life which have contributed to my body sores. I’ve added meditation to my weekly health routine, eliminated several toxic relationships from my life, and am carefully choosing the events that I participate in to avoid burnout.


I constantly share my miraculous results with all my friends and family. I tell them that I feel so much better mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.


One of the best results from my healing is that I get goose bumps all the time when something inspires me. This tells me that my “feeling sensors” are working at a much deeper level than ever before because my food sensitivities aren’t blocking my nervous system any more.


I am so thankful to my good friend, Jeanne Dow, for introducing me to Catherine after I told her about my chronic health issues. Being on this new holistic well being path with Catherine has made a significant difference in how I feel, think and act every day!



500-Hour Transformation Yoga Training Now Complete


Your Atlanta yoga teacher is now even more well-trained!


When I first went to Asheville to begin my sixth 200-hour yoga teacher training in February 2011, I remember practicing yoga in class while my teacher, Lillah Schwarz, was watching.


“You are in my 500-hour training,” Lillah announced.


It wasn’t a question, it was a statement of fact!


There was no getting around it – I wasn’t a beginning teacher. After taking teacher trainings at the Atlanta Yoga Fellowship, White Lotus Foundation, Integrative Yoga Therapy, and with Erich Schiffman not once but twice, I had already had a lot of time and practice taking my teaching to a very high level. I have now taught yoga at Holy Spirit Catholic Church for 17 years.


I signed up for my sixth 200-hour yoga teacher training with Lillah at

Lightenup Yoga for several reasons. I hadn’t initially intended to sign up for the 500-hour training, but there it was.


For one, I recognized that with 32 years of yoga teaching experience, Lillah is an excellent example for me of how to age well as a woman and as a yoga teacher. How many 62-year-old women do you know who can stand on their hands in the middle of a room? Now that’s redefining aging for you!


Lillah has studied personally with Mr. Iyengar for many years but maintains the humility and sense of humor that I greatly value, both in my own teaching and also in the leadership of others.


I had ripped the tendons and ligaments in my right arm and was not able to do a single down dog when I started the program.


Usually I am the one helping other people when they get injured, but there I was, having to sit patiently while other people got to have all the fun, gently restoring my muscles to optimal functioning.


By the end, I could stand on my head, perform shoulder stand, forearm stand, everything – no problem, thank God!


I wanted to do the program for my own personal healing, as there is nothing like doing a lot of yoga to heal you in ways you can’t even foresee yourself needing healing.


As I am now 54 years of age and all my students are also aging, I wanted to reconsider how I was teaching and take my entire teaching practice to an entirely new level.


I completed my 200-hour training in January and finished my 500-hour training at the end of this March 2013.


You can join my classes anytime or set up an appointment for private instruction by calling me at 678-612-8816 or emailing catherine@totalfitness.net.


Bridge Pose

Bridge Pose

A Great Supplement For Your Skin


Part of healthy fitness is eating well and taking the right supplements. One of my favorite supplements to recommend when a client has skin problems is GLA-Borage.


What’s so great about this supplement?

1. It reduces inflammation, pain, stiffness and tenderness in the joints.

2. It supports normal fatty acid metabolism, which is important for healthy skin.

3. It supports nerve membrane structure, nerve blood flow and nerve conduction.

4. It supports healthy blood pressure.

5. It supports a healthy menstrual cycle.



Curtsy Lunge

Curtsy Lunge

What Is The Best Way To Overcome An Addiction?


Best personal training practices include empowering our clients to overcome addictions that are getting in the way of being totally fit.


One of the simplest ways to help yourself overcome an addiction is simply to find a healthier substitute.


For example, in the past month, I coached a client who wanted to improve his financial situation.


The problem was that he was spending about 20 hours a week playing World of Warcraft online. He sat on his computer into the wee hours, making himself so exhausted that when it came time to send invoices to his clients, he was not able to think straight.


I recommended that he switch to www.lumosity.com, another online site for games, only these games are actually designed to improve your brain function. I recommend he limit himself to his new game to no more than 45 minutes a day, versus the entire evening he would spend playing World of Warcraft.


Many of us have all kinds of addictions. By stepping down to the next level while working through the emotional issues that got you stuck there in the first place, you can gradually free yourself.


You may also benefit from nutritional supplements to support the brain, as many neurotransmitter deficiencies set people up to become addicts in the first place. Ask me to give you a brain questionnaire to help you determine what your deficiencies are.


If you are addicted to illegal drugs, such as cocaine or marijuana, switch to alcoholic beverages.


If you are addicted to prescription pain killers, such as oxycodon, switch to natural anti-inflammatories, choose an anti-inflammatory diet and learn corrective exercise to release your postural imbalances.


If you are addicted to hard liquor, switch to wine or beer.


If you are addicted to wine and beer, discover new ways to relax and unwind. Join my yoga and qi gong classes, come in for a Reiki treatment or Thai yoga body therapy session. Take up meditation,either with my meditation CD or join a group. Exercise daily.


If you are addicted to tobacco products, switch to patches, inhalers, sprays or gum.


If you are addicted to artificial sweeteners such as aspartame or saccharine, switch to stevia or honey.


If you are addicted to refined sugars, switch to fresh fruit.


If you are addicted to caffeinated sodas, switch to tea and coffee.


If you are addicted to coffee, switch to green tea.


I use kinesiology to pinpoint exactly how your body needs to be supported to free yourself from addictions of all kinds. Email me at Catherine@totalfitness.net or call 678-612-8816 to set up an appointment. Your body is unique to you. What may be safe or appropriate for someone else may not be safe or appropriate for you. What may work for one person may not agree with your individual biochemistry.

Superman On Swiss Ball

Superman On Swiss Ball

Exercise Of The Month: Walking Forward Lunge


You can view FREE exercise videos by visiting the following link: https://unlimitedenergynow.com/exercise-library


Your exercise of the month is Walking Forward Lunge.Visit this link to watch how to do it:





In our personal training studio, walking forward lunges are a goal to be aspired to. What’s so great about this exercise:


1. Walking forward lunges work on multiple aspects of your fitness, all at one time.


2. In order to maintain balance, you have to activate your core. Be sure to pull your belly up and in. You will be working on both core strength and core stability to do this exercise.


3. Your heart rate will definitely go up and you will receive an aerobic benefit.


4. You will be strengthening your legs and toning all the muscles below your waist.


5. This is an advanced exercise. Perform this exercise only after you have mastered static lunges.


6. To challenge yourself further, hold a medicine ball while performing walking lunges. Bring the medicine ball to the opposite side of the forward leg.


7. I demonstrated the tempo of this exercise in a slow and careful manner. Once you have excellent form, another way to vary this exercise is by varying your tempo. Never do this exercise so fast that you lose your form, as form is everything! Make sure your front knee does not go past your ankle.

To set up an appointment for personal fitness training in Atlanta, email me at Catherine@totalfitness.net or call 678-612-8816 to set up an appointment today.

One Legged Bridge On Swiss Ball

One Legged Bridge On Swiss Ball

From My Blog: Take Care Of Yourself On The Inside: It’s What You Project Outside


You can read my blog regularly to find out more about natural healing by visiting www.catherinecarrigan.com.


One of the things I have been paying attention to a lot recently is the phenomenon of projection.


If you feel happy on the inside, you will look around at the world and find 100 reasons to be even happier.


If you feel angry on the inside, you will look around and find 100 things that piss you off.


If you feel sad or despondent, the world appears to be coming to an end, nothing ever seems to work out just right, the economy is in a recession, other people are always appearing to lose their jobs or get sick. Life just appears to you to be one big struggle.


Many times people think that the work that I do with them is superficial.


Shouldn’t they be spending their money on something more important – say fixing their roof or saving for their children’s college education?


But here is the truth.


If you take care of how you feel on the inside, you are actually doing your loved ones a huge favor.


When you feel good, you will be less likely to be pissed off, ticked off, find things to argue with them about, cry over, drink too much and get unreasonable about, become a prescription drug addict that the rest of the

family has to tiptoe around.


When you feel good, you will be more likely to be a contributor. You will have the energy to listen well when your friends or family members are having a bad day. You can sit quietly, keep your heart open and not take on their issues.


When you have plenty of energy because you have been taking care of yourself, you will have the pizazz to fix dinner, pick up the kids, have sex, go to a party. In fact, when you have plenty of energy, you can turn everybody else around by your sheer presence.


Take care of yourself on the inside because it’s precisely what you are going to find on the outside.


Who you are is what you actually end up seeing.


Once you get this deep truth, there is nothing whatsoever superficial about eating well, exercising regularly, resolving your old emotional baggage, spending money on vitamins, getting out of physical pain and making the effort to be a healthy person.


Next time you feel there is something wrong out there with the world, be honest with yourself and ask yourself how YOU are feeling.


Get real, then go for a walk, dust off your juicer, take a nap, go home from work on time, make an appointment to deal with your stress and go inside and really sort yourself out. What is healing? Getting congruent on the inside.


Dips Off Bench

Dips Off Bench

Thank you for reading my May newsletter.

May you be inspired to experience health and happiness!

Love and light,

Catherine Carrigan

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Hero II

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