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Low Lunge

Low Lunge

Friday, Dec. 21, 2007, was the final LIVE broadcast of Total Fitness radio show.


As many of you know,  I have worked very hard for the past 2 ¼ years to bring you the latest in fitness, nutrition and natural healing on VoiceAmerica.com, the No. 1 internet radio station in the world.

Our guests have been the world’s leading experts in the field, and our goal has been to dispel the myths that have caused so many people to starve and overexercise or follow outmoded, ineffective methods for personal healing. Simply put, we have wanted to teach what actually works.

We are privileged to live such happy, healthy lives, knowing that we have been contributing to the lives of others at a very high level. By concluding the radio show, we are making space for new projects that hopefully will alow us to continue to contribute at an even higher level.

Thank you for listening and for making Total Fitness radio show such a wonderful success for all concerned.


Two Goals Worth Making

by Catherine Carrigan


“I work with people I admire or on projects that stretch me.” Mikhail Barisnikov.


At this time every year, I carefully consider what I want to create for the following year.


There are two goals I always feel are worth making for myself:


To serve God for the highest good of all.

To attain or maintain stage zero of adrenal stress.

While these goals may seem paradoxical, I think they are related.


“We experience our state of mind projected outward. If our mindset is of well-being, love and peace, that is what we project and therefore experience.” Gerald Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione.


I will start with the second goal first.


I place my own peace of mind first because I know I have more to contribute when I have excellent energy.


Perhaps it was my personal experience having recovered from severe chronic fatigue, stage 3 of stage 3 of adrenal stress, the worst wipeout there is. Or maybe it’s my weekly experience reading scientific lab stress tests on all of our new clients, absolutely none of whom are in any degree of balance in their nervous systems. Or maybe it’s my own dedication to having healthy hormones, normal weight, great energy, a joyful mood, but maintaining stage zero of adrenal stress is really high on my list of personal goals.


Here’s how I maintain a low-stress lifestyle:


Daily meditation.

Regular yoga and qi gong.

I watch myself like a hawk and reconfigure my schedule if I get too tired or stressed.

4. Ongoing coaching to resolve my personal conflicts with my coach, Sue Maes of Ontario, Canada.

Ongoing coaching to resolve my personal conflicts with my coach, Sue Maes of Ontario, Canada.5. Ten weeks off every year to rest, have fun and pursue my own passions and interests. In 2007, that meant I spent six weeks studying healing work, 1 week of cycling vacation, 1 week studying yoga and healing movement, and 2 weeks at home just being.

I set my intention. Once you make serving your true intention, no other professional goal is really necessary.

I do all my work very prayerfully, asking for guidance every step of the way.

I realize there are no small tasks, no small clients, and that every task that comes my way is a means of serving for the highest good of all.

I realize that by feeling good myself, I can help other people come to know their own goodness. As I say in our yoga classes, “Feeling good means feeling God.”

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