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The Total Truth About Weight Loss:

Sept. 4, Highlands, N.C.


Wanting to lose weight? Discouraged about your lack of previous success?


Join Catherine Carrigan Sept. 4 in Highlands, N.C., for a one-day workshop, “The Total Truth about Weight Loss.”


Participants will receive a new 150-page manual culled from years of experience helping our clients lose literally hundreds of excess pounds.


The seminar will be held at the Highlands Country Club. Call manager Greg Crawford, 828-526-2181, to register, or the Total Fitness office at 404-350-8581 for more information.


This seminar has been a success at churches in Atlanta, Holy Spirit Catholic Church and St. John’s United Methodist, as well as at the Learning and Achievement Center when I’ve taught it for my mentor, Sue Maes, in London, Ontario, Canada.


You’ll learn how to design a diet and exercise program that works for you, helps you overcome cravings, keeps you feeling full and satisfied, and gets results. Many clients come to me feeling hopeless—until we begin working together and they see results. Many overlooked factors—seemingly small details—can add up to big results.


The Yogic Method of Eating


No, it’s not a new diet. Yes, yogis do focus on vegetarian foods. But most important of all, it’s an attitude—mindfulness when eating. Many of us turn to food when we are stressed, stuff our feelings when we are upset, celebrate by overfeeding or generally make a habit of ignoring how much, how often or in what circumstances our feeding, digestion and assimilation are taking place.


The chief thing we can learn from yoga about eating is “how.” Ideally, we want to savor every mouthful. The point isn’t to stop enjoying food—it’s to make every bite count, to satisfy the mind, body and spirit when we eat by paying full attention. That means not engaging in other activities , such as reading, watching TV or driving.


The point of developing mindfulness in the practice of yoga postures is to learn to master the mind so we can carry these habits into the rest of our every day lives. Eat mindfully.


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