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You may be shocked to discover how much pain relief you can experience by simply addressing your nutrition.

On average, I can usually cut a person’s pain level at least by half without teaching them even one therapeutic exercise or giving them their first energy healing.

That’s why, when you come to me to feel better, I always start with nutrition before addressing exercise or any other natural healing.

Here are my top 5 nutrition tips for knee pain relief:

  1. Don’t eat CATS, fried foods or gluten.
  2. Total DJD.
  3. Biodetox.
  4. Omega Plus.
  5. Distilled water.
  6. Ginger goji berry tea.

Now let’s talk about why you may cut your pain at least by half taking these simple steps.

  1. Just remember this phrase: “Nobody in their right mind eats CATS.” What are CATS? Caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and sugar. These are all pro-inflammatory foods. Anything that causes inflammation increases your pain level because inflammation acts like fire in your body, destroying connective tissue, bones and even your brain chemistry. On top of that, throw out  pro-inflammatory fried foods and gluten. One of my long term yoga students was forced to give up sugar one year after breaking out in a full-body rash after overdoing Halloween chocolate. Not only did she lose over 20 pounds, she was shocked to discover all her aches and pains went away.
  2. Biodetox  is a hypoallergenic anti-inflammatory protein shake. If you pain anywhere in your body, I highly recommend you take this daily.
  3. Total DJD is a comprehensive formula for rebuilding your bones and joints. With wear and tear, the cartilage around your knee naturally softens. Total DJD is an excellent anti-aging remedy.
  4. Omega Plus is enteric coated ultra pure Arctic fish oil that reduces inflammation everywhere in your body.
  5. Distilled water acts like a solvent to pull toxins out of your joints. It’s important to understand that you hold toxins in your joints and the simple act of cleaning up your food and water can work wonders. X-rays may show mineral deposits in your joints that cause pain and swelling.
  6. Ginger goji berry tea is a simple tea you can make in your kitchen. It’s loaded with phytochemicals that relieve inflammation. If you don’t want to follow the recipe, simply slice fresh ginger, pour boiling water over it and enjoy the tea.

If you need help getting rid of your knee pain naturally, please email me at catherine@unlimitedenergynow.com or call 678-612-8816 to set up an appointment.

Often you can completely eliminate joint pain without surgery by taking advantage of a combination of nutrition, corrective exercise and natural healing.

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