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As I talked about in my book, Healing Depression, even the most chronic mental illness can be cured when we are willing to address all the major contributing factors – be they biochemical imbalances, poor nutrition, the effects of stress, neurological disorganization, self-defeating habits, or the challenge of spiritual growth. Just as it is high time for a new paradigm in mental health, so too can we be more effective in managing our weight when we have the courage to address all aspects of the issue.


The Courage To Love Our Bodies


As a trainer, I frequently see new clients trying to starve themselves and workout incessantly without examining the mental aspect of weight management. Many of us spend years struggling to accept our physical reality, or perhaps, more accurately, trying to force our thighs, waist, and bust into a mold that may not be realistic or even healthy. Studies show that nearly 50 percent of American women dislike their bodies. Although men may be less open about criticizing themselves, I see many of the same self-defeating traits in my male clients. From my knowledge of how our thoughts affect our body chemistry, and from my observation of successful clients, I have concluded that weight loss becomes much easier when we make every workout and every healthy food choice an act of self-love. Develop the courage to love your body.


The Benefits of Touch for Health and Brain Gym


Often, our conscious mind wants to lose weight but our stressed-out, undervalued bodies are in rebellion. I understand this perfectly – when I was sick, I remember one healer commenting to me, “You can not drive your body like it was a car.” While our egos may want us to look great, and our intellect may try and convince ourselves to take the steps to feel better, there’s definitely a part of our nature that would rather lay around and eat bon bons.


Touch for Health and Brain Gym can help you make dramatic progress by identifying and transforming the subconscious blocks to your success.


Touch for Health is based on the Chinese acupuncture meridians. This 3,000-year-old system identifies certain emotional issues with each organ, muscle, and energy pathway.


Brain Gym works to harmonize your conscious and subconscious minds so you can achieve any goal more easily. Look over this list and see if you can identify with any of these affirmations. Although each pair is not exactly opposites, they will give you an idea of the kind of issues that can be healed on a deeper level.


Stomach Meridian: My needs can never be satisfied./ I feel full when I eat. Spleen: I eat when I am anxious./ I am relaxed.


Lung Meridian: I am ashamed of my body./ I value my body.


Large Intestine: I hold on to what I no longer need./ I am willing to let go of excess weight.


Kidney Meridian: I am afraid to look my best./ I trust myself.


Bladder Meridian: Food is in charge of me./ I am in charge of my weight.


Liver Meridian: I have to stay the way I am./ I welcome beneficial changes.


Gallbladder: I put off improving myself because I can’t decide where to begin./ I make healthy choices that are right for me.


Heart: I hate my body./ I love myself unconditionally. Small


Intestine: I am blocked – I can’t lose weight./ I learn from my previous dieting and exercise experiences.


Triple Warmer: I eat and/or exercise in unbalanced ways./ I eat and exercise in harmony with my mind and body.


Circulation/Sex: I blame my body or others for my failure to lose weight./ I am connected to my body.


I developed these balances after clients repeatedly asked me to do Brain Gym and Touch for Health to help them overcome food cravings or to develop the motivation to lose weight. At first, I admit I was frustrated. I thought my clients were simply unwilling to do the work and develop the patience necessary to diet and exercise consistently. However, after much experience, I saw that balancing the mind and body for these goals was crucial. Unless we maintain harmony within ourselves, we may sabotage our best efforts. Frequently I combine what I know from these disciplines with basic guidelines from the American Council on Exercise, so that we can focus on the priority area that is challenging you at any one time.


The Benefits of Touch for Health and Brain Gym


Brain Gym and Touch for Health sessions should be schedule separately from your workouts. Allow at least an hour and a half. We call a Brain Gym session a “balance” because we are literally balancing all aspects of your mind and body. Similarly, a Touch for Health session balances your muscles and your acupuncture meridians. July Schedule I will be out of town July 9-July 26. Part of the reason for my trip is to educate myself so I can serve you better.


First stop: Toronto, Canada, to deliver a key address at the Brain Gym International Gathering in Toronto about my book, Healing Depression. A recent four-year study showed that 23 percent of kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder will grow up to be adults with mood disorders. It is my goal to offer new hope by educating the public about the latest research on nutrition and brain integration.


I will also be attending the IDEA Fitness Convention in Orlando, Fla. I will be studying to receive an ACE Specialty Recognition in Mind-Body Fitness, so that I can explain to you further how you can improve your mood and change your body chemistry through natural methods like exercise. I will also be learning the latest on nutrition for weight loss, sports equipment, and new methods of fitness training. If there is a new trend or new product you would like me to research for you while I am there, let me know!


Your Home Play


While I am gone, please focus your efforts on building up your aerobic capacity. According to a leading sports kinesiologist, Dr.Philip Maffetone, all aspects of fitness are based on the health and vitality of your aerobic muscles. You should be in your target heart rate zone at least 3 times a week for a minimum of 12 minutes. Walk, run, and play! For further information about how you can benefit from Acumen heart rate monitors, Shaklee nutrition, Brain Gym, Touch for Health, yoga, or personal fitness training, feel free to contact me.

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