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Partner Yoga, Catherine Carrigan With Yoga Student Alba Adrian

Partner Yoga, Catherine Carrigan With Yoga Student Alba Adrian

Recently, I had an Individualized Optimal Nutrition test through Metametrix Labs , a service we now offer all our clients here at Total Fitness. After I got my results, a doctor at the lab asked me where I got my fish oils. I was proud to say that for years, I have taken Omega Plus, which is now available at our webstore.


Usually, the doctor explained, most people she sees who are going through the trouble of taking fish oil supplements also have high levels of mercury.


In my case, I had significantly low levels of mercury, which impressed the doctor so much she wanted some for herself.

You can heal your mind and body very profoundly on all levels by taking adequate amounts of high quality fish oils.

Fish oil will help with:



Digestive disorders

Skin problems


Heart problems

Wound healing

And many other challenges. I believe taking adequate high quality fish oil is as important for your healing as taking a good multivitamin every day.

Mistakes you can make taking fish oils:


Not taking any fish oil. Omega 3’s are essential fatty acids. You can’t get enough from even the most carefully planned organic, whole-food based diet. A maintenance dose would be about 3 capsules of our Omega Plus every day. One sign you are not getting enough fish oil is simple aches and pains.

Trying to take flax oil instead of fish oil. As Dr. Barry Sears, author of the Zone diet books, said on a recent edition of Total Fitness radio show, you would have to take 1 pint of flax oil per day to equal the amount of Omega 3’s you would need. In addition, many people over 40 lack the enzymes to digest flax oil.

Taking cheap fish oils. As they say, you get what you pay for. Clients, organic farmers, and other professionals are continually impressed by the high quality of the products that we at Total Fitness recommend. If you take cheap fish oil, you’ll probably need about 15 capsules per day to get the amount of Omega 3’s your body really needs to prevent inflammation and maintain good brain health. Ultimately, when you consider what you actually need and that you are also probably taking in high levels of mercury from cheap fish oil pills, you are really not saving yourself much of anything. Because mercury is a neurotoxin, taking cheap fish oil with mercury in it may be counterproductive.

Taking krill oil if you are sensitive to shellfish. Many experts recommend krill oil supplements for Omega 3 fatty acids. However, I have seen a number of clients recently who were breaking out in hives from their krill oil supplements. If you have any sensitivity to shrimp, crab or other shellfish, ask me to check whether or not you can tolerate krill oil.

Another personal testimony: Last year, for some silly reason, I decided that I wanted to take a break from Omega Plus supplements. Even though I knew better, I decided that I had taken fish oils for about 10 years, that I have shiny hair, nice skin, and great joint health so that I might be OK skipping my Omega Plus for awhile.


A very interesting thing happened. Within 2 weeks, I hurt all over. I thought, “Wow! This must be how everybody else feels.” It was a reminder to me that we really can’t get enough Omega 3’s even from the best diet. It took me about 2 weeks to rebuild adequate levels back to where I didn’t ache.


How To Take Omega Plus:


If you haven’t taken fish oil before, take about 6 capsules per day for a month or until your aches and inflammation are gone.

After a month, you can usually drop down to 3 capsules per day unless you are facing ongoing inflammation from other sources. If you are unsure, ask your Total Fitness practitioner to use kinesiology to determine the right amount for your body.

Fish oil is a food. You can not take too much. The side effects of fish oil are great brain function, good mood, shiny hair, glowing skin and fantastic joint mobility. That said, most supplements are best taken with food.

One of the other special benefits of Omega Plus: Our private label fish oil is enteric coated. That means it’s easier on your digestive system. It doesn’t smell bad and you won’t burp after taking it.

If you are really serious about understanding fatty acids, ask me how to have your fatty acid levels scientifically tested. Unless you are taking a high quality, low-mercury product like Omega Plus, you may be causing yourself long-term health problems by overlooking this simple but important remedy.


Total Fitness Supports Atlanta Animal Rescue Friends


Total Fitness is dedicating the month of August to help the Atlanta Animal Rescue Friends, a non-profit organization and no-kill shelter for homeless animals that almost went out of business last month due to lack of funds.


We invite you to join us in supporting this important organization in three ways:


Sign up for Total Fitness yoga class for the month of August. All monthly class fees for yoga were donated to AARF. Together with the sale of jewelry and donations from yoga class participants, Total Fitness raised more than $1,200 for AARF in August alone.


As we practice yoga and become more aware of the intimate relationship between our body, mind and spirit, we begin to realize our connection to all living beings everywhere. Our loving kindness expands.

Purchase jewelry made by Catherine Carrigan. One hundred percent of the profits will go to AARF. Ask Catherine for your favorite colors and gemstones. Give presents to your friends and relatives that have a deeper meaning, knowing that just one necklace can feed a sheltered animal for a month.

Join AARF on Total Fitness radio show Aug. 24 as we talk about how owning a cat or dog can have profound benefits for your mental, emotional and physical health and fitness.

In addition to giving you a great excuse for going out for a walk or having an unconditional friend to love for life, adopting a pet from AARF is even better than getting a free pet.


If you adopt from AARF, your new pet will have received all their shots and been neutered or spayed – a savings of up to $500 – and your friendly AARF representative will be able to tell you all about your pet’s personality, since AARF animals are kept as long as two years until a new owner is found.


For more information, we invite you to visit AARF.


The two contrasting approaches to animals taken by AARF and the dogfighting underworld represented by the scandal surrounding Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick could not be more stark.


AARF rescues dogs and cats. A single donation of $5 can insure the continued survival for someone’s future best friend for a week. $15 pays for de-worming. $25 pays for toys. $50 pays for a full set of vaccinations. $75 pays for a spay/neuter for a new foster cat.


Media reports describe alleged bets on a single dogfight at the Virginia home of Michael Vick as high as $23,000 to $26,000, enough to have bought food for 88 to 100 animals for a year at AARF.


AARF representatives report that they see more abandoned animals from dog fighting in Atlanta than other shelters do throughout the Southeast, even in other areas of Georgia.


“We as rescue workers go into the shelters and see some of the pit bulls who weren’t good fighters,” says Brooke Martin, vice president of operations for AARF. “Dogfighters don’t tend to hang on to the dogs who can’t make them money. They do away with them in all sorts of ways. The lucky ones end up at shelters.”


Over 200 animals are put to death every day in the Metro Atlanta area. We encourage you to neuter your pets and to turn to organizations like AARF when you are looking to expand your spiritual family.


Both the cat and the dog at Total Fitness are rescue animals. Their sweet, gentle and playful spirits bring joy to all and they are an important part of our spiritual family.


On behalf of Robbie the Rescue Dog, who showed up on the doorstep of our client Elissa Lorenzen, and Munchkin the orange pussycat, a survivor of a Virginia pet shelter, we are asking everyone to remember the sacredness of animals and the contributions of the volunteers at AARF.

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