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Total Fitness is pleased to announce we offer Thai Yoga Body Therapy.


Shoulder Rolling In Thai Yoga Body Therapy

Shoulder Rolling In Thai Yoga Body Therapy

In the United States, there are several principle teachers—Kam Thye Chow, Saul David Ray, Jonas Westring, Patricia Kilpatrick and Ko-Tan. I have had the privilege of studying with all of them. As most of my clients know, I am an avid student and continue to bring in the latest and best information for my clients’ total well-being.


Thai-Yoga Body Therapy is a unique style of bodywork. It combines the benefits of yoga from India with the benefits of energy balancing of the acupuncture meridians from Chinese medicine. The origins of traditional Thai healing can be traced more than 2,500 years back to a famous Ayurvedic physician from India who was the doctor to the Buddha.


I originally learned yogassage during my training in Integrative Yoga Therapy, and have since used these hands-on techniques to relieve the pain and immobility of countless clients.


How does it work? Clients lie on a mat on the floor, fully clothed. The practitioner gently stretches the client’s entire body and balances the energy lines, called Sen lines in the Thai tradition.


Clients experience greater range of motion in their muscles, an increased flow of energy throughout their bodies as well as stress relief and relaxation.


Although I have used these techniques most often with those who have been injured, have arthritis or chronic pain, there is nothing like the experience of having a knowledgeable person stretch YOU to attain an uplifting state of total peace.


The purpose of Thai-Yoga Body Therapy is to create a harmonious balance of body, mind and spirit. It demonstrates Promwihan Sii or the “Four States of Mind”: loving kindness, compassion, vicarious joy and equanimity.


Who would benefit from Thai Yoga Body Therapy?


All those who experience constant pain who have been unable to relieve their suffering with traditional methods.

Athletes preparing for competition.

Golfers who want to increase their range of motion to hit the ball farther.

Beginner yoga students whose lack of flexibility affects their confidence to perform poses in hatha yoga classes.

All those who want to begin an exercise program, but who are so tight they lack the range of motion to perform exercises safely and correctly. Flexibility is the foundation of all fitness. If a person can’t complete an exercise because of lack of mobility in the muscles and joints, most weight training programs are likely to cause injury. I personally stretch many of my tightest clients for an entire month before we begin any serious fitness training.

All those who want to relax, restore and enjoy!

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