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This month I am launching a new client service: one-on-one sessions to teach you how to entrain your heart using biofeedback methods developed by the Institute of Heart Math in Boulder Creek, California.


HeartMath does some of the top research in the country proving how your emotions affect your physical health.


If you can become aware of how your consciousness is making it difficult for you to lose weight, lower your blood pressure, manage your hormones or control your blood sugar, you can learn how to regulate these internal processes without drugs.


In a nutshell, when we are angry, anxious, stressed, or depressed, the electrical energy of the heart can be measured in very erratic patterns.


When we are in a state of love or appreciation, our heart produces beautiful, evenly-spaced waves that have a profound, beneficial affect on our brain, our immune system, our hormone levels, and every organ in the body. Heart coherence, as this state is called, can help us to produce calming brain waves, enabling us to produce our own natural anti-depressants, as well as our own DHEA, the master hormone of the body, which is known in holistic circles to be a natural fountain of youth. Having high levels of DHEA in the body helps us to lose weight and maintain our muscle mass.


HeartMath has proven that people who use their very simple biofeedback techniques every day for a month raise their DHEA levels 100 percent. Others are able to get off blood pressure medications, antidepressants, as well as drugs for diabetes.


These methods are not a substitute for appropriate medical guidance. However, they are a very powerful companion to sensible approaches to our overall health.

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