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Stop Your Cravings With The 4s&p Program


Reverse Fly With Dumbbells

Reverse Fly With Dumbbells

For years, we at Total Fitness have empowered our clients to stop their cravings. Cravings? What cravings? Eat for a week on a Total Fitness program and you won’t remember what that means any more! To make it simple to remember, we have put together a 4S and P Program for you.



Get 10 hours rest every day, preferably most of it sleep. If you don’t sleep enough, your insulin won’t work right. If you are tired and your insulin doesn’t work right, you’ll be more fatigued and end up eating more for energy. Get to bed by 10 pm. Whatever number of hours you sleep, subtract that number from 10 and take the rest of that time in relaxation throughout the day. Meditate, take a hot bath or lie in your hammock. If you sleep 8 hours, find a total of two other hours to rest and relax. If you can’t find 10 hours to restore yourself every day, re-evaluate your priorities.


2. Sunshine

Sunshine benefits the pineal gland in your brain and stimulates the production of serotonin. When your serotonin level is low, you tend to be depressed, tired and hungry and may need more sunlight. When your pineal gland is happy, some of that serotonin will be used to make plenty of melatonin, the hormone that blesses you with deep, sound sleep. Many people suffer from SAD – seasonal affective disorder – when they get less than 30 minutes of direct sunlight every day. Some people of northern European descent may need up to two hours of sunlight. That’s why we would rather our clients walk outside in the sunshine than trudge away on some treadmill in a gym lit with fluorescent lights (our lighting at Total Fitness is all full-spectrum).


3. Supplement

Ask us to test your zinc level. When your zinc level is low, you tend to crave sugar and have a suppressed immune system. Your pineal gland wants zinc and sunlight to make melatonin for sleeping. Consider drinking a cocktail of flaxseed, fenugreek and liquid chlorophyll to balance your blood sugar naturally – 1 tablespoon of each. Take this mixture on an empty stomach every morning and watch your appetite, LDL cholesterol and high triglycerides disappear! There may be other supplements that will also be helpful. Ask us to make recommendations based on your individual health challenges.


4. Skinny Meals

It is not possible to gorge on food and keep a normal blood sugar long-term. Medical research shows it takes about 15 years to become a type 2 diabetic. Learn to eat like a naturally thin person. That means stop eating before you are full. We have seen countless clients who fail because they are eating too much at one time – no matter what it was they were eating. Your body will release too much insulin if you eat too much food. Our clients report they feel less hungry when they eat smaller portions on a Total Fitness meal plan, compared to when they used to eat lots of junk food. That’s because insulin is the hunger hormone – secrete too much, and you’ll end up hungrier.


5. P for Protein

We kept the P for Protein for last because it is too important to forget. Every time you open your mouth to eat anything, some form of protein has to go in. If you do otherwise, your major hormones – insulin, cortisol and adrenalin – will not stay balanced and you set yourself up for hormone hell – exhausted adrenals, no sex drive, gaining weight around the midsection, buttocks, thighs and everywhere else. When you get to menopause, all the hormone replacement therapy in the world, bioidentical or not, won’t manage to balance your hormones if you don’t eat enough protein. When you get the right amount of protein, you won’t crave sugar.

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