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“The soft and yielding overcome the rigid and hard but few people put this into practice.”

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Rock The Baby Hip Stretch

Rock The Baby Hip Stretch

Spring is a great time to heal by detoxifying your body. Here is a two-step process you can follow to support your organs of detoxification.


Step One. Follow this Detox Plan for two weeks.


Detox Plan



Women: 8-12 ounces organic meat daily. Men: 10-15 ounces organic meat daily.

Be sure to include grass fed beef, at least 9 ounces and at least 2 organic eggs every week. May include organic protein shakes, chemical-free.



2-5 fruits daily (1 whole fruit or 1 cup berries)

Unlimited nonstarchy vegetables



Include a healthy fat at every minimeal: butter, olive oil, coconut oil or ground flaxseed.

May include ¼ cup of organic nuts daily.


Optional Juices:

Unlimited unsweetened cranberry juice – aids the kidneys

Unlimited fresh-squeezed lemon juice – aids the liver

You may sweeten with stevia to taste and add sparkling mineral water or fresh filtered water


You must:

Eat at least every 3 hours. More often if hungry. Have a minimum of 5 minimeals every day. Drink at least 24 ounces of water first thing in the morning – benefits the colon.



Walk 20 minutes daily, minimum, to aid the lymph system. May break up exercise (i.e., two 10-minute walks). Those who have been exercising regularly may work out up to but no more than 1 hour of a day, 6 days a week. No high intensity cardio where your heart rate exceeds 90 beats per minute.



Strive for 10 hours of rest daily. Example: sleep 8 hours, nap 1 hour, meditate 30 minutes, hot bath 30 minutes.





Sugar (substitute stevia)

Artificial sugar substitutes – no aspartame, sweet n low, splenda or sucralose




If you are still hungry, increase your protein intake.

To combat sugar cravings: Have an apple with organic peanut or almond butter.

To combat adrenal fatigue: Be sure to have a protein snack daily at 3-4 p.m.


Step Two.

Once you have cleaned up your diet and are resting very well and have stopped over exercising and high intensity cardio, you are ready for deeper detoxification.


Deeper Detoxification Plan


Every morning or the night before, juice 16-32 ounces of organic fruits and vegetables. Save in a container to take with you to work. Either take a blender to work or you can also pre-mix your shakes to take with you.


Breakfast One:

Biodetox ShakeIn A Blender, Put:

2 scoops of Biodetox

2 tablespoons of Immunomax

4-8 ounces of Coconut Milk

Stevia to taste, if desired

Fresh or frozen berries


Breakfast Two: Fresh Organic Juice

Apple, celery and cucumber OR

Kale, apple and celery OR

Grapefruit, tumeric root, apple and pear OR

Beets, beet greens, celery and apple


Lunch One: Biodetox Shake

In A Blender, Put:

2 scoops of Biodetox

2 tablespoons of Immunomax

4-8 ounces of Almond or Hazlenut Milk

Stevia to taste, if desired

Fresh or frozen bananas


Lunch Two: Fresh Organic Juice

Cranberries and apple

Spinach, apple and pear

Celery, cucumber and watermelon

Lemon, ginger and apple juice


Dinner: Eat real food in a calm and quiet environment.

Homemade vegetable soup

Fresh organic salad

Organic meat

Fresh fruit


Throughout the day: Drink plenty of filtered water.

Rest at least 10 hours daily.

Avoid TV, newspapers, tabloids and stressful situations.

Meditate for 20 minutes daily.


If you would like to find out whether your body needs to detoxify, fill out the FREE toxicity self test at the following link:



You can find out more about Biodetox and Immunomax at our webstore:



Support Remedies For Detoxification



Far Infrared Sauna. Recommended by Sherry Rogers, M.D., in the book, Detoxify or Die, far infrared saunas are especially helpful for eliminating heavy metals as well as cellular toxins.


Home Water Enemas. Purchase an enema bucket. Fill with room temperature water. Sit your enema bucket at the top of a shower caddy and lie on your back in your bathtub. Insert the tube into your rectum and open the valve to allow warm water to flow into your large intestine. As you feel full, go to the toilet and eliminate.


Coffee Enemas. Use the same procedure as water enemas, only replace the water with coffee. Brew the coffee as usual and allow to come to a comfortable temperature. Coffee enemas are especially helpful for clearing toxins out of the liver.


Colonics. Find a seasoned colon specialist who is experienced at cleaning the large intestine. We recommend Gail Seignious, an excellent local colon hydrotherapist, 678-779-0624. This procedure is more thorough than home enemas. Make sure you are following all your home or professional colon cleanses with probiotics, such as our Multi Probiotic.


Dry Skin Brushing. Purchase a soft brush bristle brush or loofah. Massage dry skin towards the heart. This technique is very helpful for moving the lymph and helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Do your dry skin brushing before your bath, shower or far infrared sauna.


Mini Trampoline. Purchase a $30-$40 mini trampoline from any sporting goods store. Bounce in 5-10 minute increments, then get off and stretch your calf muscles. Rebounding helps to move the lymph and stimulates the immune system. It is a wonderful replacement for high intensity aerobic exercise. Bounce on your mini trampoline before your far infrared sauna.


Spring Cleaning. Go through your drawers and closets. Eliminate all personal belongings that you don’t use, that don’t fit or that no longer serve you.


Meditation. Use the Loving Kindness Meditation CD. This is a CD I made with my client Curt Bush.

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