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Upcoming Seminar, Sept. 13: How To Be Happier With Your Body

You can learn how to heal your relationship with your body.

Please join me on Saturday, Sept. 13, for a four-hour workshop on “How To Be Happier With Your Body”.


Seated Meditation

Seated Meditation

Last month’s newsletter article about body image and developing a healthier relationship with food and exercise brought a strong response from our readership. So we decided to hold a workshop to help you move to the next level. Many people fail to achieve their health and fitness goals because of underlying emotional blocks. Learn how to identify and clear those blocks and take the steps to loving yourself the way you are now.


What you will learn:


How to have a better body image

Where your personal thoughts, feelings and beliefs about your body originated

How you really want to look and feel

What steps you can take to develop a healthier body image

How to love your body more today, right now, just the way it is

Time: 12:30-4:30

Where: 1951 Northside Drive

How Much: $55 at door, $45 if you sign up 2 weeks in advance. OR bring 2 or more friends and attend for $45 each.

Who: Both men and women are welcome in this class, teenagers and adults.


For more information, please contact Catherine Carrigan.




Total Fitness has become the guardian angel of Francie an orphan cat at Atlanta Pet Rescue. Francie needs a permanent loving home.


Six year old Francie is very pretty with her dramatic coloring and her very unusual tail that curls over her back. This is a cat who really enjoys attention. She goes to a lot of trouble to climb down from her on-high little bed and greet visitors to the cat room. Francie clearly likes people, lap time and being petted. It’s just that there are some rules. Francie doesn’t like other cats so she wants a home where she doesn’t have to share her food bowl, her water bowl, her bed her littler pan or (most importantly) her person.


You can adopt beautiful Francie or another deserving cat or dog by visiting the Atlanta Pet Rescue – directions here.


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