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You can increase the flexibility of your spine and alleviate back pain with this simple twist you can do anytime, anywhere.

All you really need is a wall!

Every vertebrae in your spine is supposed to rotate 2 degrees. Sometimes our vertebrae simply get stuck out of place, often due to poor posture or improper sitting.

This twist is safe for everyone and can help restore the health of your back.


  1. Stand up straight with your right shoulder next to a wall.
  2. Bring your right foot in front and bring your left foot behind you with your feet 3 to 4 feet apart.
  3. Your front foot should be straight ahead and your back foot should be turned 45 degrees.
  4. Straighten both legs.
  5. Now bring your right arm parallel to the ground behind you as you bring your left arm in front.
  6. Spread your fingers and press your palms strongly into the wall to accelerate the twist.
  7. Keep your chin over the center of your sternum, relaxing your neck.
  8. Bring your front ribs forward as you rotate your back ribs behind you.
  9. Hold 1 minute, then repeat on the other side.


  1. Relieves back pain.
  2. Increases the flexibility of your spine.
  3. Improves your posture.


  1. Be sure to breathe deeply and relax!
  2. Press your feet strongly into the floor.
  3. Keep your legs straight.

Want to learn more about how to practice yoga safely and effectively? Need a posture evaluation to understand why your pain won’t go away despite repeated chiropractic visits, surgery, injections and physical therapy?

Set up an appointment for therapeutic yoga to eliminate your back pain, shoulder aches, neck, hip and knee discomfort by calling 678-612-8816 or emailing catherine@unlimitedenergynow.com. Private lessons are available Monday through Friday.

Come practice yoga with me! This year I celebrate 21 years of teaching yoga.

To join my yoga classes, please follow the map with directions to specific rooms at Holy Spirit Catholic Church, 4465 Northside Drive in Atlanta at this link. 


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Photo courtesy of Diane Fulmer of Savannah, Georgia.

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