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One of the most powerful natural healing remedies for your brain is a simple three-minute process called repatterning.

You can watch three one-minute videos that describe the three steps to repatterning for FREE at this link on my website.

You have two hemispheres of your brain – a right hemisphere and a left hemisphere.

You have a dominant brain hemisphere – meaning you are either right-brain dominant, and lead your mental processing with the right side of your brain, or left-brain dominant, and lead with the left side of your brain.

Under stress, your non-dominant hemisphere is 75 to 85 percent shut down.

I first learned about repatterning years ago when I first began studying Brain Gym. I went on to learn that repatterning is one of the most important tools used at an institute in Pennsylvania that works with severely brain-injured children.

Even if you have never suffered brain injury here are the benefits you can receive from repatterning:

  • You will use your full brain potential
  • Reduction of stress
  • Natural healing remedy for depression
  • Natural healing remedy for anxiety
  • Suicide prevention
  • Better scores on tests
  • Natural vision improvement
  • Increase your energy
  • Overcome learning disabilities
  • Healing from brain injuries
  • Integration of your brain functions, so that you can see, hear, speak and think more easily

My mentor in healing, Sue Maes of Ontario, Canada, has done brain research about repatterning. She says that if you repattern every day, twice a day for three minutes each session, you can integrate your brain in 10 weeks.

I have used this simple, drug-free natural healing remedy with all sorts of clients during my 21 years as a holistic alternative healer.

On one occasion, a new client came to see me early one morning. She reported that she was so depressed she had been contemplating suicide.

“When are you thinking of doing this?” I asked her.

“In the next week,” she replied.

I put down all my paperwork – the intake forms I use with all my new clients – and showed her how to repattern her brain.

She came back within a week and not only was she no longer suicidal, she had taken herself off Xanax, a prescription medication for severe anxiety.

On another occasion, I was working with an older gentleman who had suffered a stroke and could no longer read. I taught him how to repattern and he was finally able to read again.

On yet  another occasion, I was working with an elderly woman in her 90s who had lost the ability to walk. I taught her and her caregiver how to repattern and she was able to walk again.

As you can imagine, this work is so rewarding to me that I made a FREE video of each of the steps so that people all over the world can access this very important information!!!

Step One of repatterning integrates your right brain. Watch the first step here. It’s exercise No. 17.

Step Two of repatterning integrates your left brain. Watch the second step here. It’s exercise No. 18.

Step Three integrates your two brain hemisphere. Watch the third step here. It’s exercise No. 19.

If you have been suffering from any challenge with your brain, I recommend that you get up out of bed and repattern right away.

Then find another time later in the day to repattern – it could be when you come home from school or work or just before bed.

You will feel less stressed immediately and over time you will notice a dramatic improvement in your ability to use your brain.

If you would like to learn more about how to heal your brain naturally, email me at catherine@unlimitedenergynow.com or call 678-612-8816 to set up an appointment.

The first thing I ever studied in healing work was natural healing for the brain. I have helped countless clients overcome depression, anxiety, eating disorders, head injuries, obsessive compulsive disorder, learning disabilities and other brain challenges.

No matter what your brain challenge, just no that you can feel better – and start today by repatterning!

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