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Research by the U.S. Labor Department and studies of many successful people over the years have proven that the difference between those who make it and those who don’t is neither intelligence, money, nor status but written, definable goals.


For this reason, I encourage you and all my clients to take the time to consider what your goals are for 1998 and decide what commitments you are willing to make to reach them.


I,___________________________________, having committed to working out with Catherine Carrigan as my personal trainer, make a commitment to myself to make the following improvements in my lifestyle over the course of the next year:


Body Composition:________________________




Muscular Endurance:_____________________________


Cardiorespiratory Fitness:_______________________________________






My own goal: To serve you better in reaching ever more enjoyable levels of health and fitness in 1998. Following the successful publication of my book, Healing Depression: A Guide to Making Intelligent Choices about Treating Depression (Sante Fe, N.M.: Heartsfire Books, 1997), I reviewed my life and work and realized that I have been blessed with one of the most rewarding professions. Although I began my work in the fitness field as a means of supporting myself as a playwright, I realized that I had never found anything as immediately gratifying as working as a trainer, a Touch for Health practitioner, group exercise instructor and Brain Gym consultant and watching each of you lose weight, tone up, lower your blood pressure, overcome your asthma, get off antidepressants, eliminate chronic pain, and overcome many other previously insurmountable goals.


I gave seminars on my book in Salt Lake, Atlanta, and New York City, lectured at the International Kinesiology Conference in Zurich, and will be going to Denver to teach again in March, but I was never so glad to get back to the people I care about, including you all and my husband, Henry Edmunds.


Thank you for sharing your lives with me.


Catherine Carrigan is a Brain Gym consultant, A.C.E. personal fitness trainer, A.C.E. and N.D.E.I.T.A. group exercise instructor, Touch for Health practitioner in acupressure, and certified yoga instructor. She is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Brown University, a playwright with 12 plays, 3 produced in New York, and author of Healing Depression: A Guide to Making Intelligent Choices about Treating Depression.

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