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I hope you are motivated to get stronger!

Once you recognize you can use your own body weight for strength training, you can work out anytime, anywhere! You don’t need expensive equipment or even sneakers, as working out in your bare feet helps you to increase your mind-body connection.

I wrote down your exercises in sequence so you can print this out and take it with you.

A couple of suggestions about how to implement this workout:

  1. Practice one new exercise every day.
  2. Once you have learned all your exercises, you can put them all together in a sequence.
  3. You can do 1,2,3 or more exercises at a time, or practice all 8 in this sequence I have put together for you.
  4. If you are watching TV, do a strength exercise during the commercials.
  5. Take an exercise break throughout your day by spending 1 to 5 minutes practicing one of these exercises. Scientific research shows you can accumulate exercise throughout your day – it is not absolutely necessary to go to the gym or set aside specific time for a prolonged workout.
  6. As you get stronger, work up to strength training for 20, 30, 45 minutes and up to 1 hour at time.
  7. Once you can practice all 8 exercises in sequence, repeat the exercises so that you are practicing two sets of each exercise.
  8. You can vary the tempo of the exercises to give yourself variety. Practice them more slowly or more quickly.
  9. Include other family members – motivate everybody to lose weight, get stronger and be healthy.
  10. Above all, have fun! Exercising regularly doesn’t just help you lose weight and look fabulous, it gives you lots of energy and makes you feel great.

Exercise No. 1: Four Count Down Dog To Push Up

  • Down Dog – hold 4 counts
  • Shift To Plank – hold 4 counts
  • Lower down in eccentric pushup – lower 4 counts
  • Push up to Up Dog – hold 4 counts
  • Stretch: Wide-leg extended child


Exercise No. 2: Squat with leg lefts

  • 10 side to side
  • 10 back, each side
  • 10 each side to front
  • Stretch: 4-square hip stretch


Exercise No. 3: 8-Count Planks

  • Forearm plank
  • Full body plank
  • Forearm plank, lift right leg
  • Forearm plank, lift leg leg
  • Full body plank
  • Forearm plank, roll to right side, lift left arm
  • Forearm plank, roll to left side, lift right arm
  • Full body plank
  • Stretch: Eagle arms


Exercise No. 4: Full body squat

  • Arms extended in front
  • Stretches:
    • Intense side stretch pose
    • Frogs, dynamic hamstring stretch


Exercise No. 5: Side plank

  • Knees bent, elbows bent, lifting up on side
  • Legs straight, elbow bent, lifting up on side
  • Stretch: Cross body, tuck foot, knee over stretch – arms press to side


Exercise No. 6: Power fish

  • Knees bent, lift and spread chest, pressing elbows into floor
  • Knees bent, lift and spread chest, press elbows into floor extend legs at 45 degrees
  • Stretch – Twist, one leg crosses over


Exercise No. 7: Side lunge

  • Touch the ground, arms overhead as feet come together
  • Stretch: Stretch arms to sky, press wrists to sky, pull belly up and in


Exercise No. 8: Swimmers

  • Alternate lift – opposite arm and leg
  • Fast Swim –
  • Stretch: Quadriceps stretch


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