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Join us for the next Brain Gym class the weekend of Feb. 19-21. Brain Gym is a high performance technique endorsed by world-famous golf pros, Broadway playwrights, and the White House Task Force on Learning. Sales people who use Brain Gym have been proven to increase their bottom line by 33 percent. Brain Gym itself is just a system of 26 simple exercises designed to enhance a variety of mental skills. Incorporated into a process called a balance, these exercises have brought profound results to a variety of individuals from all walks of life in 22 countries around the world. Brain Gym has been instituted into all the school classrooms in Switzerland, and in kindergarten through college in South Africa. Modern medical devices have mapped the changes in brain wave patterns that take place when these exercises are performed regularly. Under stress, our non-dominant hemisphere is 75-85 percent shut down. When our brain is integrated and we are able to access more of our capacities, true joy and high performance become routine.


What You Will Learn


This class will help you to learn: 26 simple movements that dramatically increase your access to your full brain potential. How to use the exercises within the context of a Brain Gym balance to achieve any goal more easily. Cost: $300, or $275 with a $50 deposit by Feb. 7.


What have my other clients achieved with Brain Gym?


M.P. and her daughter were able to go off antidepressants after learning Brain Gym. J.B. won $3,500 in an amateur golf tournament. M.B. improved his putting 20-30 percent after one session. L.T., a stroke patient who had tried a variety of alternative therapies for five years, was able to walk with greater ease and coordination. B.R., a professional singer, went up an entire octave. C.R., a longtime cigarette smoker, stopped smoking. L.Q., a rookie saleswoman, became the top telemarketer in her company two weeks after a single Brain Gym session. S.F., who had been in classes for children with behavior disorders for six years, began making A’s and B’s.


Proven Results:


Improved test scores

Dyslexia and ADD improved

Self-esteem increases

Long and short-term memory improves

Stress reduction

Eye-hand coordination improves

Gifted students excel

Balancing of brain wave patterns

What Is A Brain Gym Balance?


A Brain Gym session is called a balance because it literally balances your brain. A balance is not the same as an exercise session, such as a fitness training session. In a Brain Gym balance, you focus on a single goal in any area of your life – mental, physical, or spiritual. Directions to My Home


We will hold our Brain Gym class in my home, which is easy to get to and convenient for just about everyone! Take I-75 south to exit 104, Northside-Howell Mill. There are two exit ramps. Drive to the second exit ramp, which says Northside Drive-Georgia Dome. At Northside Drive, take a left. Go over the interstate and go to the second street on the right. Our home is at 1951 Northside Drive, at the corner of Spring Valley and Northside. Look for the white brick house on your right.


What My Students and Clients Have Said:


“I took my first class from Catherine on my 55th birthday. I felt like it was the first day of the rest of my life – the best birthday present I’ve ever had. Brain Gym is truly a gift from God.” M.P., mother of a daughter with severe learning disabilities.


“Brain Gym improved my game….hitting thousands of practice balls did not.” – J.B., champion amateur golfer.


“This work can have enormous impact and is profound in enabling one to make changes and adjustments in one’s life.” C.L., school teacher. “If I told other people how I felt, I would be so enthusiastic they would probably be turned off, so I have to develop a low-key approach. This is a powerful change technique that works at a very fundamental level.” M.S., psychologist


Class Schedule


Pot Luck supper, Friday night, Feb. 19, 6-7 p.m. Class begins, 7-10 p.m., Friday, Feb. 19. Class continues, Sat. and Sun., Feb. 20-21, 9-5 p.m. Wear comfortable clothing. Bring a bag lunch, or you may visit nearby restaurants from 12-1 during our lunch breaks. All books and materials will be provided.


For Further Reading


If you would like more background before you come to class, you may want to read Smart Moves: Why Learning Is Not All in Your Head or The Dominance Factor by Dr. Carla Hannaford, Ph.D., in brain neurophysiology. Or you may want to find A Revolutionary Way of Thinking by Dr. Charles Krebs, a paraplegic who was able to walk again after using Brain Gym and other mind-body techniques to restore his physiological functioning. My book, Healing Depression: A Guide to Making Intelligent Choices about Treating Depression (Sante Fe, N.M., 1997), covers Brain Gym as well.


Your Instructor


Catherine Carrigan is an internationally-recognized Brain Gym consultant who has lectured at international conferences in Zurich, Switzerland, Toronto, Canada, and on international television with Turner Vision’s Wisdom Channel. She is the author of Healing Depression: A Guide to Making Intelligent Choices about Treating Depression (Sante Fe, N.M.: Heartsfire Books, 1997), and president of Total Fitness, an Atlanta-based resource for personal and professional transformation. She is a national fitness spokesperson for Johnson and Johnson. In addition to her work in health, four of her 12 plays have been produced in New York City.

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