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Beginning March 15, I will be offering a free four-week seminar at Holy Spirit Catholic Church on weight loss, spirituality and exercise.


Who is invited: All those interested in a healthier, happier lifestyle.


Where: Room 9 of Holy Spirit Catholic Church, 4465 Northside Drive.


How much: Free. The seminar will follow the regular church supper.


When: Wednesday evenings, March 15, 22, 29, and April 5 from 6:45 p.m. to 7:45 p.m.


Week 1, March 15: Introduction to weight loss, spirituality and exercise. We’ll be discussing some of the latest research on successful lifestyle and weight management. Many spiritual people focus on serving others, but often forget that whatever God wants us to accomplish must be done through the physical body.


Week 2, March 22: Nutrition. Whether your goals are to maintain or lose weight, discover how to plan a healthy day of eating.


Week 3, March 29: Exercise. All exercise is great, but not all exercise is good for every body all the time. Learn how to tailor an exercise program based on your level of physical fitness and personal goals.


Week 4, Feb. 2. Spirituality and the Healthy Life. Learn how you can lower your own blood pressure, produce your own natural antidepressants, control diabetes and hypoglycemia, eliminate fatigue and reduce food cravings by adopting more spiritual thought processes. When we are in a state of true loving appreciation – a state we can achieve through prayer or through the simple act of loving ourselves and everyone around us – our physical heart produces electrical rhythms that orchestrate a symphony of feel-good chemicals in the body.


To register: Call Dale Lavert, adult and seniors coordinator, 404-252-4513, ext. 16.


It’s Back:

Free Yoga in the Great Outdoors March 25


Last year, we had so much fun doing yoga in the parks of Atlanta, I plan to extend the tradition.


Join us Saturday, March 25, at 4 p.m. at Holy Spirit Catholic Church. We’ll be doing yoga outside from 4-5:30 p.m. After tuning up our bodies, everyone is invited to be spiritually inspired by celebrating mass from 5:30-6:30 p.m. with Monsignor Ed Dillon and his staff. Casual dress for church is acceptable. Join us for dinner at 6:45 p.m. at the Sunflower Café on Hammond Drive. Yoga is free, but please plan to pay for your own dinner.


Little kids have ballet recitals. Share the joy—invite your friends and family to see what you have learned in yoga!


Brain Gym Schedule, Atlanta Area


Vision Circles: May 5-7.


This is a class not only for natural vision improvement, but also for improved use of all the senses for higher learning, greater insight and intuition, and enhanced creativity. I got certified to teach this class because it is probably the most fun Brain Gym class there is!


Cost: $375, or $350 with early registration.


Brain Gym 101– June 23-25, Aug. 18-20, Sept. 29-Oct. 1.


Brain Gym classes in Devens, MA,

a suburb of Boston


Brain Gym 101—April 8-10, May 19-21, June 2-4, Aug. 5-7, Sept. 8-10.


Brain Organization Profiles: June 17-18.


Vision Circles: July 7-9.


Living Your Yoga:

Giving Up the Urge to Be a Perfectionist


Many people never try yoga because they assume they will not be able to do the poses perfectly.


The word yoga means union, and it implies that in practicing the physical poses of hatha yoga, we will learn how to use our minds and bodies more harmoniously.


That means not pushing ourselves past our individual limits, and even learning that we do have limits—both physically and mentally, and that it’s O.K. not to be 100 percent, high energy and conquering the world all the time. I am always telling my students, “If you are breathing deeply and having fun, you’re doing your yoga perfectly!”


Allow yourself to be a beginner. When you do yoga every day, you learn to notice subtle differences in your mind and body. You will quickly discover that the more patient and kind you are to yourself, the more you can actually accomplish—both on the yoga mat and in real life.

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