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One of the main reasons clients hire Total Fitness is to look their best.


Supine Lateral Ball Roll With Knee Lift

Supine Lateral Ball Roll With Knee Lift

You may dread that it could take months, if not years, of strict dieting and humorless exercise, or maybe that you could never achieve a better-looking body.


In just one hour at Total Fitness, we can change the way you look.


How? By improving your posture. It’s just about learning proper body biomechanics.


Sure, you may remember your mother telling you to stand up straight. But trust me, even if your mother was right, she did not know 1) how to assess your exact posture 2) just exactly how to help you be strong in the places where you are weak and more flexible where you are tight so that you CAN stand up straighter for longer than 30 seconds.


Most trainers give everybody pretty much the same stretching and strengthening program. What sets Total Fitness apart is the level to which we assess every new client.


Every new fitness client has their spine measured. Every new fitness client has their flexibility assessed. Then, and only then, you are given an individualized program unique for your body. You are taught how to stretch exactly where you are tight and how to be strong where you are weak.


Did you know you can look 10 pounds lighter just by correcting your posture? More confident? Not to mention that you’ll probably also play golf better, perform any sport more efficiently and spend less money at your chiropractor.


Forward head posture: Small fortunes are made by chiropractors on this problem alone. Ask Ellie Richards, 57, an avid cyclist. Despite 15 years of yoga and working out the conventional way, she still had back and neck pain. For the past year, she had visited her chiropractor and received regular massage. Within two weeks of starting her Total Fitness program, her neck pain was gone. “That was the quickest relief,” she said.


Rounded upper back: Alas, we all spend too much time slouched in our cars and in front of computer terminals. Craig Zeff saw a difference in the way he looked his first hour at Total Fitness. Even though he had worked out for years, he had still dislocated his right shoulder four times. When the upper back is tight, rotation is more difficult, putting more stress in the shoulder socket. “My shoulder is feeling a lot better too,” he said.


Flat lower back: If your lower back is flat, you are at risk for herniating disks–something you definitely do not want to do! Just ask the 80-year-old I saw recently who had turned down back surgery after a close relative ended up in a wheelchair when her back operation failed.


Excessive curvative of the lower spine: If you have been wondering why your bottom looks so big, there may be more than one reason! If your lower back curvature is excessive, your rear end looms larger. You may even add inches to your height by straightening your spine with corrective exercise.New Qi Gong Class


Qi Gong classes will resume Wednesdays in April. Join us to practice Qi Gong outdoors in the fresh air – you get to soak up lots of fresh air! $60 per month or $15 per class.


For more information about natural vision improvement, personal fitness training, yoga and Qi Gong classes and life coaching, please visit www.totalfitness.net.


Yoga Classes: Every Tuesday and Thursday, 7:30-9 p.m., Holy Spirit Catholic Church. $15 per class or $65 per calendar month.

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