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Recipe by John T. Barnes



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  • 1/2 cup whole raw organic milk or chilled organic coconut milk (1)
  • 4 medium ice cubes
  • 2-3 free roaming, organic raw egg yolks (2)
  • 1 medium organic banana
  • 1/2 cup frozen or fresh organic blueberries, strawberries, or raspberries
  • 1 Tbsp organic aloe vera juice (3)
  • 2 Tbsp organic coconut oil (4)


This recipe is an excellent source of quality dietary fat and is quick and easy to make. It can be easily altered to meet your specific metabolic type and personal preferences. For
example, carb types can choose one less egg yolk and add more berries. Mixed types may need to use only one tablespoon of coconut oil. For protein types, this is a great way for you to get high quality fats into your diet that are nutritionally dense and raw. Best of all, this recipe is all-natural and tastes really good too!! Please note that this blend is very satiating due to the high fat content.


Put ice cubes, egg yolks and milk into a blender and start at high speed to break up the ice cubes. Then turn to medium speed and add the banana and allow to blend and thicken. With the motor running add the berries and more milk if needed. Lastly, add the aloe vera juice and the coconut oil to emulsify. Makes approximately 12 fluid ounces


  1. I advocate using a fresh source for raw milk such as from a local farmer or Organic Pastures Diary. If raw milk is not available, an excellent alternative is canned organic coconut milk such as Native Forrest or Coco Gem brands.
  2. Make sure you get the freshest, highest quality eggs from healthy chickens (usually the most expensive) you can find for this recipe. Conventional store bought eggs should be avoided – especially since you are eating them raw. Brands such as Organic Valley are usually top quality depending on how fresh they are.
  3. Organic aloe vera juice can be found a most natural food stores. Make sure you use unprocessed, certified organic juice. The label on the bottle should read: certified organic aloe vera juice. That’s it!
  4. Coconut oil comes in a few different shapes and sizes. Quality is the utmost concern. I recommend Wilderness Family Naturals Traditional Fermented Virgin Coconut Oil.

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