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“You can’t heal your body if you hate it.”


Carolyn Myss, medical intuitive


Curtsy Lunge

Curtsy Lunge

In this month of Valentine’s Day, I thought I would fall in line and write an article about how to heal the heart, something I have done with multiple clients at very deep levels. One client gave me the ultimate compliment, “You have helped me more than 22 cardiologists and all my years in Sunday school.”


There’s a lady I know who is sure heart disease runs in her family. She exercises daily, takes 20 to 25 vitamin supplements at breakfast and walks around with not a lick of fat on her body. Yet she has heart disease. All previous explorations to determine a cause or a cure for her had focused purely on the physical, completely ignoring the fact that she feels angry on a virtually daily basis.


Another client years ago had endured multiple heart surgeries. When she came to me for healing work, we uncovered the root cause. She could recall, as a child, her mother telling her repeatedly that she hated her.


Here’s a short summary of more conventional wisdom I give my clients with heart problems:


Walk, do not run, 3 ½ to 5 hours every week

Switch from conventional salt to Himalayan salt or Celtic sea salt

Have my lab test your mineral levels

Meditate daily

Take high quality fish oils devoid of heavy metals


Avoid hydrogenated fats

Lift weights

But now let me tell you the straight story. If you have heart disease, become an expert at recognizing and dealing with the emotions that rule the heart. You can download a FREE file on my website that explains all the emotions that rule each acupuncture meridian, including the heart, by visiting this link: https://www.totalfitness.net/Chinese_5_elements_emotions_chart.pdf


Among the heart-based emotions, one of the most important is forgiveness.


Most people raised in any spiritual tradition are aware that forgiveness is a good idea in general, but few have ever received any instruction in HOW to do this. You can download another FREE file on my website from author Colin Tipping with a lengthy, complex set of instructions about how to forgive by going to this link: Making Room for The Miracle.


My observation, however, is that the harder something is for a person, the more simple instructions work best.


For example, if I have a client who truly cannot breathe properly, I will ask that person to lie on a mat on the floor and feel their belly expand against the floor as they inhale. I will not prescribe advanced pranayama techniques to that person.


Human life is challenging at best, and most of us have received wounds so deep we are scarred at the soul level.


We then have a choice.


We can continue to walk around as wounded spirits, experiencing heart disease and many other physical and mental illnesses, or we can learn how to forgive.


Here is my simple two-step process:


Be at peace with human nature. Realize that everyone is always doing the best they can at any given moment. Your best is better if you have had three square meals a day, your rent is paid, you have had eight hours of sleep the night before and you are not suffering from PMS. Your best may be even better if you have had careful upbringing by your parents, years of instruction in Sunday school or you have spent decades absorbing every spiritual book you could get your hands on.

It is helpful to me to be a yoga teacher.


Last year, an impeccably dressed young woman arrived at my evening yoga class. She told me her husband had died three years ago and she had been searching ever since for something to give her a reason to keep living.


Just because a person looks great on the surface doesn’t mean they are not walking around with very heavy baggage.


We do not always have the benefit of everybody’s backstory, but suffice it to say that if someone has hurt you, more than likely you do not have their whole story, even if you think you do. You do not have the files in their brain that made them do what they did. You have different files based on your own background, experience and what was going on with you that day. Develop a little humility and realize that even if you were watching everything, it is possible you could be wrong.


A 1998 study of 40 criminal cases found that in 40 cases where eye witnesses had convicted a suspect, DNA later proved all 40 cases were innocent. If you were actually able to stand in another person’s shoes even for a moment, more than likely, your own judgment and grudges would vanish.


Become willing to let go of resentments. A Course in Miracles says there are no justified resentments. Yet speaking for myself, as one flawed human to presumably another, we humans seem to find plenty of excuses for keeping our resentments alive. We are not able to perceive that the people who have roasted our souls year after year with the greatest abuse may actually be, on the spiritual level, our very best friends trying to teach us a lesson or two about letting go.

One way to let go of resentments is to realize that you always have now and you always have had a choice. You could stay or you could go. You could choose love or you could choose fear. You could choose to destroy your cells with anger or you could learn to let it go. One very simple incentive to let go of resentment is that lack of forgiveness is a primary emotional cause of cancer.


Advanced healers with highly developed spiritual perception report that an aura of pure love surrounds each and every one of us. Not all of us are lucky enough to share this level of insight. However, we can learn from those wiser than us and understand that learning how to forgive is one of the most important things we can ever do for our physical health and our heart, not just take our vitamins, exercise or stop eating junk food.


When you have forgiven someone, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will like that person or now approve of what they did. But the memory will no longer elicit a negative charge at your cellular level. You will be able to report the story of what happened as a neutral observer, without reliving the trauma.


The most important person you can ever learn how to forgive is yourself. With the wisdom of age, you can see how so many actions seemed like a good idea at the time. Learning how to show compassion and understanding for yourself will help you to begin to do the same for other people.


This may seem like a tough assignment, making early morning exercise seem like a piece of cake in comparison. However, learning how to forgive may be one of the best things you can ever do for your own mental and physical health.


If you need help, come and see me. We can use kinesiology, healing work and my many other tools so that you can finally let it all go.



The Spinach Salad Solution

by Catherine Carrigan, catherine@totalfitness.net



Recently I was at the local Apple store, signed up for private lessons. Everybody has at least one weak spot, and one of mine is computers. So I decided to strengthen myself in this area by signing up for instruction so I can keep up with technology.


The first person assigned to help me was a single guy who told me he did not know how to cook.


Just like it must have seemed obvious to him all the simple pointers he was teaching, I taught him a few obvious solutions while I was there, including what I call “The Spinach Salad Solution.”


The Spinach Salad Solution


Step one. Buy a box of organic spinach every week. All the groceries have them. Spinach is the healthiest food on the planet, therefore, we all ought to be eating a lot more of it. I am including this recipe because spinach is great for the heart, among other things, as it will help you fight inflammation, lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk of heart attack and strokes. You can throw a few leaves in your omelet at breakfast or juice a handful along with celery and apple. Keep the box in the refrigerator for any time you want a meal in a hurry.


Step two. Keep on hand in your pantry dried cranberries, dried blueberries and/or dried cherries along with almonds, walnuts or pecans.


Step three. In your refrigerator, keep on hand goat gouda, crumbled blue cheese, shredded broccoli slaw, broccoli sprouts, sliced organic lunch meat, along with fresh strawberries, raspberries, blueberries or blackberries.


Step four: Construction. Throw the ingredients in your bowl or plate. You now have a full meal complete with protein, fat, vegetable and carbohydrates. You are also satisfying your palate with all five tastes – bitter, salty, sour, sweet and umami. Pour your choice of organic dressing on top, and you have one of the fastest, healthiest meals you will ever enjoy.



Reiki I and II: Seminar in Atlanta



I will be teaching a one-day class in hands-on healing, Reiki I and II, on Friday, March 18, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


You will learn:


To be attuned to basic Reiki symbols

How to heal yourself anytime anywhere

How to relieve pain with hands-on healing

The history of Reiki

How to balance your chaikras with energy healing

Receiving a Reiki attunement is like receiving energy from your grandmother. Reiki is passed down through many generations of healers. Even though I have been a Reiki master for many years, in 2009, on a visit to the Isle of Gigha in Scotland, I had my friend Nina Hovik, a long-time healer from Finland, re-attune me so that my Reiki would come through her. I felt a bond of immediate sisterhood when I met Nina. Like me, she is a long-time accomplished healer, a Reiki channel, flower essence practitioner, intuitive medium and her hobbies are ecstatic dance and making jewellery.


Cost: $275.


Location: 1951 Northside Drive, Atlanta – See Map

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