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“Ninety-five percent of people are busy attempting to change effects. Something happens which they do not like and they try to change the situation. They soon find that they are simply changing one form of distress for another.

“The other five percent are busily engaged with causes. They know that in order to make any permanent change it is the cause which they must seek. They soon find that the cause is within their control.

“It is the five percent that do the thinking, and the 95 percent which merely accept the thoughts of others. ”

Charles F. Haanel


Low Lunge With Lift

Low Lunge With Lift

Many people get discouraged about their weight because they are operating by old, false paradigms: they think they have to starve or over exercise to achieve their ideal size.


At Total Fitness, we can give countless testimonials about why these old ways of thinking are psychologically and metabolically false and destructive. For example, I know of clients who have gained 25 pounds by eating only one meal a day. Other clients were exercising two or three hours daily and couldn’t lose an ounce. These types of clients needed major re-education about what it really takes to be thin.


The trouble with diets:

Since the inception of our radio show on, the No. 1 internet radio station in the world, we have been able to serve a wider audience.

Here’s what you can do to lose weight without dieting:

Identify your food sensitivities. This is one of the many services we offer our nutrition clients. Often, new clients eat foods they think are “healthy” but do not agree with their bodies at all.

Identify your metabolic type. Find out which foods are the best for your system.

Correct your individual metabolic imbalances. The top metabolic errors to correct: insulin resistance, adrenal burnout and digestive disorders. If you have multiple food sensitivities, healing your GI tract and reducing inflammation can give your metabolism a brilliant boost. The more exhausted you are, the harder time your body will have metabolizing anything – not only proteins but also carbohydrates and fats.

Deal with any emotions that have caused you to overeat in the past. Because emotions can interfere with literally any physiological process, we at Total Fitness do a tremendous amount of emotional work with our clients.

Replenish any depleted systems in the body, especially your brain chemistry. As long as your brain is starving, you will struggle with food cravings. This is an especially important step for clients who have struggled with addictions to food, drugs and alcohol and all those who have a history of anxiety and depression.

Eliminate fake foods. All you have to understand is one simple fact – you hold toxins in your fat cells. Then you will become totally convinced that you are worth the expense of buying organic foods. Dr. Russell Blaylock, author and brain surgeon, said on our Total Fitness radio program that laboratory studies prove that rats fed processed foods do not lose weight even when they are doing hours of exercise every day. Are you exercising like crazy and can’t achieve your ideal body size? Why suffer the same fate as a fat rat – you can be smarter than that.

Drink enough water and make sure you can assimilate your water. When we test our clients, most are not assimilating the water they drink – even when they are drinking enough. You may need Celtic sea salt, minerals in your water or even homeopathics to help you absorb what you do drink – otherwise you can’t make enough bile to digest your fats properly.

Get enough sleep. If you don’t get enough quality rest, your insulin may not work properly. Use this simple formula – 10 minus the number of hours you slept last night. The remainder is the number of hours we at Total Fitness recommend you spend meditating, napping, taking a hot bath or other quieting activities.

Never, ever overeat. Become an intuitive eater. Some days are more active and you may need more food, other days you may need less. If you never, ever overeat, you can finally train yourself to get off the boring yo-yo of losing, gaining and/or being bad-being good on your diet. Choose to free yourself from this vicious cycle.

Follow the 90-10 rule. Do not try to be totally perfect. About 90 percent of the time, follow your Total Fitness eating plan. The other 10 percent of the time, allow yourself to enjoy healthy treats. This is why we have included recipes for raw food desserts and homemade ice cream in our past newsletters and radio show. Give up the “all or nothing” mentality. Develop a healthy relationship with food and never have to diet again.

Helping Hands

Total Fitness To Raise Money For The Atlanta Harm Reduction Center.

by Catherine Carrigan


Please join us on from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 30, as Total Fitness hosts a fitness education seminar and yoga class to raise money for the Atlanta Harm Reducation Center.


The Atlanta Harm Reduction Center (AHRC) provides health education, free testing, clothing, food and a needle exchange program for roughly 3,000 adults in the Metro Atlanta area engaged in high-risk lifestyles.


Their clients include chronic drug users, alcoholics, sex workers and the homeless. Every Thursday, AHRC provides free HIV tests, as well as ongoing free testing for syphilis, Hepatitis C and free vaccines for Hepatitis A and B. By serving these at-risk clients, Atlanta Harm Reduction reduces the spread of these infectious diseases throughout our entire community.


About 400 people every month are served by AHRC’s needle exchange program. Their outreach house on English Avenue also has regular meetings for their “Safety Counts” program to teach members how to avoid sexually transmitted diseases, HIV and celebrate those who take steps to become healthier.


Workers from a wide range of nonprofit agencies will join James Williams and Catherine Carrigan from 10:30-12 for a seminar about “The Four Keys To Total Fitness.” Afterwards, Catherine will teach a yoga class from noon until 1. For $25, you can enjoy the Total Fitness seminar, yoga class, a buffet brunch and live jazz. If you plan to enjoy the yoga class, be sure to wear loose, comfortable clothing – we will bring yoga mats for everyone.


Total Fitness supports the Atlanta Harm Reduction Center because this organization operates by the same principles as Kaizen, which we discussed with expert Dr. Robert Maurer in our radio show on Feb. 3. Kaizen is the fine art of making profound changes one small step at a time.


Perhaps those of you who are reading this newsletter live in a comfortable home, don’t need to overcome a serious drug addiction and don’t have to make a living selling your body for sex.


But you can still benefit from learning the brilliant wisdom of Kaizen. 20. Kaizen: The Art of Changing To A Healthy Lifestyle. An interview with Dr. Robert Maurer. Feb 3, 2006. Click here to link to this radio show.


Putting it another way, if small steps can help someone overcome a heroin addiction, these same small steps can help you stop smoking, lose weight and overcome much less life-threatening challenges.


To attend Catherine and James’ wellness seminar or yoga class, Join us on Saturday, Sept. 30, at 458 Ponce de Leon Avenue, N.E. Take Ponce de Leon to the corner of Charles Allen. Go one block and look for the green church building and come to the second floor. If you can’t join us for the fall jazz brunch, you can contribute to the Atlanta Harm Reduction Center in many ways:


Visit AHRC on the web at Atlanta Harm Reduction. You can also make an online donation through Pay Pal.

Contact Virginia Johnson, fundraising coordinator, at 404-817-9994, ext. 11, or email her.

You can donate clothing, food and toiletries. The homeless have many needs. Virginia can even arrange to have someone come to your home or office to pick up your contributions.

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