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“The farther we go in our energy fields, the healthier our bodies automatically become until, finally, there is joy in the aliveness and exquisite pleasure of the body.”


Dr. David Hawkins, M.D., Healing and Recovery


My Garden In Spring

My Garden In Spring

I am writing this article at the request of a friend who wanted a simple way to explain how I do my healing work.


As many of you know, I am a kinesiologist and medical intuitive. Most of my clients have visited many other kinds of practitioners – medical doctors, chiropractors, other nutritionists, acupuncturists, body workers and energy workers of all kinds.


To understand my work, you must begin with an understanding of who you really are.


You have a physical body, and you probably know what that is. It includes your organs, your skeleton, your muscles, your nervous system and all the physical systems that run your body.


Right outside the physical body is an energy body. This includes your breath, the acupuncture meridians and the chakras, which are major energy centers that correspond to your endocrine glands.


You also have an emotional body. Your emotions are so powerful they can shut down the function of any part of you. To neglect the emotional aspect of your healing is to miss the whole point entirely. You must identify and clear the emotional patterns that caused your dis-ease or the pattern will resurface.


Outside your emotional body is your mind. Many intelligent people believe they can control everything with their mind. The mind is important, but it includes not just your conscious ego mind but also all the early childhood programming from which your rapid reactions and judgments are made. Most people are simply operating out of their early childhood programming, much of which they learned before they were age 8, even if they don’t know what it is and even if they have a high level of education.


Although the mind is important and powerful, nothing is more than important than your soul. I have had many discussions with other spiritually-inclined individuals about what exactly your soul is. Your soul is the eternal part of you, the part of you beyond all space and time.


To understand how all this fits together, your soul controls your mind. Your mind controls your emotions. Your emotions control your energy. And your energy body controls the physical body.


Many sages, including Dr. David Hawkins, M.D., have recognized these truths. The level of consciousness of your soul is 600, Dr. Hawkins says. The mind is at 400. Your body is only at 100. Therefore the most powerful level to do healing work is at the soul level.


Simply put, what is unique about my work is that I can work on any aspect of an individual.


Most practitioners work primarily in one area.


Medical doctors, for example, work primarily on the physical body. Their time-honored allopathic traditions honor the material body. Although their work may be highly effective should your issues be focused primarily in the physical body, most dis-ease is usually a combination of physical/energetic/emotional/mental/spiritual imbalance.


Simply put, what I do is use critical point analysis through kinesiology and medical intuitive readings to identify:


The root causes of dis-ease

What any given individual may need to do on the physical/energetic/emotional/mental/spiritual level to improve.

I have a very big menu and am quite adept at speaking with each individual in the language he or she can best understand. Many of my clients have never seen an alternative health practitioner before but easily adapt because I can also explain what I am doing in scientific, logical terms.



The Three Elements of Healing


Years ago, I remember reading a story about a man who wanted to become a healer.


Someone suggested that he start his healing practice by experimenting with tomato plants. So he went to the store and bought several tomato plants, but to his chagrin, most of them perished within a few short months.


Discouraged, he went back to the plant store and found a single cactus plant. He figured that he could not do much harm to a cactus plant, so he put it in his front hallway and stopped worrying about being a healer.


Every day, he took notice of his cactus plant and took heart in the fact that it was still alive.


He noticed its blossoms and soon became intensely interested in its every development. The cactus thrived.


In my own life, I had a similar experience.



Years ago, one of my best friends gave me a beautiful spotted orchid. It was so gorgeous I was afraid I might kill it within a week. To my surprise, it bloomed for months. It almost seemed like a lucky accident until I got another orchid, and then another. I was shocked to discover I had a green thumb with orchids, even though I never fertilized them and had never taken any classes on growing them. I never followed any directions, I just provided a good place for them, watched their every bloom and listened carefully to when they needed to be turned, moved or watered. Who knew? Weren’t they supposedly so difficult?


Orchids are the most evolved flowers on the face of the earth. My friend Don Dennis in Gigha, Scotland, makes incredible flower essences from them (please visit www.healingorchids.com). Because orchids are so evolved, they make very appropriate remedies for highly evolved people, which is how I would describe my long-term clientele. I really enjoy working with highly evolved individuals of all species.


Many people want to make a change in their health or fitness but neglect a few basic elements.


Here, based on my years of experience, are the three elements of healing.


Environment. Your environment is by far the most powerful determinant of your well-being. If you are in a job you hate, married to the wrong person, living in a home riddled with mold, how could you be healthy? Why waste time taking tons of vitamins, doing years of therapy, meditating for hours when you could simply change your environment?


My orchids love being in my studio. They have the perfect light, the perfect humidity, the perfect air circulation that is just right for them.


If you put yourself in the right environment for you, there is no way you could not thrive.


Environment includes both the external environment and the internal environment.


You will want to think about how you work, where you live, what kind of people you spend time with. That’s your external environment.


You will also want to think about your internal environment. That’s the food you eat, what you drink and how you think. That’s your internal environment.


Appreciation. This may come as a surprise to many people. Most people, when they think about self improvement, they start by thinking about what is wrong with themselves. This may include a long list of physical and mental ailments. Often it takes me 1 ½ to 2 hours to listen if a person is just talking about what is wrong with them. I have had clients on so many medications it takes me 1 hour just to go through all the drugs. Anytime you think about what is wrong, you are negatively focused.


Healing is all about shifting your vibration. Illness and disease is simply slowed-down vibration.


I start with appreciation. What are you doing right? What are your strengths?


It is far easier for you to build on what you are doing right than for me to fling you into an area far outside your comfort zone that you have no prior knowledge, understanding or depth of experience to conquer.


My clients who work with me regularly know this quite well. Frequently my first question when I see them is, “What are you doing right?” That is because whatever you focus on expands.


If you spend 1 hour with any kind of therapist whining about everything going wrong in your life, you stay in that vibration and nothing shifts.


Even if you can only think of one thing, start by appreciating yourself, your life, your blessings. Expand from there.


Listen at the soul level. Once you have got your environment right and you are appreciating as much as you can, listen to yourself at the soul level. Your soul will also lead you to what you really need.


Your ego may want one thing. Your soul may want something else.


Your ego may want to weigh 115 lbs., drive a fancy car and have big high-paying job bossing around dozens of minions.


Your soul may want peace and tranquillity, the companionship of like-minded people, fun and fresh air. Your soul may want to take a nap and for all the busyness to go away.


Are you really listening to yourself at the soul level? The more you listen carefully at this level, the more closely you will be living your life in a state of balance and integration that promotes your health on all levels.


This is the level where I listen as a practitioner. When a client comes to me, I am listening very carefully. Despite what your lips are saying, what is it that you really want or need?

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