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Hopefully you have practiced the Home Strength Training Work, No Equipment Required: Day 1 Exercise.

Now you are ready for Day 2.

If you have never done a strength training program, a great way to begin is by learning a new exercise every day that you can practice in the comfort of your own home.

Just by adding in one exercise a day, you can slowly build up to strengthening your muscles by 5 to 10 minutes at a time.

Strength training is an essential part of every great weight loss program. This is a great way to begin.

Your Day 2 Exercise is Squat Variations.

Step 1: Squat



Stand with your feet wider than your hips.

Sit like you are sitting in a chair.

Keep your chest lifted.

Keep an equal weight over each foot.

Step 2: Leg Lift To Side

"Leg Lift To Side"

Leg Lift To Side


As you come up out of your squat, lift your right leg straight to your right side.

Squat down again.

As you come up, lift your left leg straight to your left side.

Repeat for 10 repetitions, focusing on keeping an even breath. Then pause and take a breath.

Step 3: Leg Lift Behind You


"Leg Lift To Back"

Leg Lift To Back


Squat down again. This time as you come up out of your squat, lift one leg straight behind you.

Repeat. Squat down and lift the other leg straight behind you.

Go for 10 repetitions. Then pause and breathe.

Step 4: Leg Lift In Front

Leg Lift Across To The Front

Leg Lift Across To The Front

Squat down again. This time, lift one leg across to the front, focusing on your inner thigh.

Squat down and repeat to the other side.

After 10 repetitions, pause and focus on your breathing.

Recovery Stretch: Four Square Hip Stretch

"Four Square Hip Stretch"

Four Square Hip Stretch


Lie on your back with your knees bent.

Put your right ankle over your left knee.

Slide your right hand through the middle and bring your left hand under your left knee.

Flex both of your feet to accelerate the stretch in your hips.

Hold 1 minute each side.

What’s so great about squat variations?

  1. Squats are one of the great basic functional exercises of all time. They strengthen your legs as well as your back. Even if you never become a great athlete, being able to squat is an essential part of daily movement – just getting in and out of your chair!
  2. These variations allow you to work on all six movements of the hips.
  3. You improve your balance by momentarily standing on one leg.
  4. Many people are not aware of the fact that your legs extend your spine. Simply put, if you have a bad back you must strengthen your legs in order to heal your back.
  5. Your hips govern your knees. If you do these exercises with excellent form, you will be strengthening and stabilizing your knees.
  6. As you stand momentarily on one leg, you will be strengthening and stabilizing your ankles.
  7. Notice your heart rate going up as you practice these squat variations. These help you lose weight – a great way to burn fat!



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