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This summer, I had the opportunity to teach a seminar on my book at the Holistic Depression Network in Seattle, Wash. The network was established by Mariah Mannia, a woman who, like me, took antidepressants for many years before finding true mental health with a holistic approach.


A few years ago, a generous benefactor asked Mariah what she really wanted to do with her life. Like me, she wanted to reach out to others so that they would not have to spend years or entire lifetimes suffering from mental illness when solid answers are already in existence without the side effects of medication. So, Ms. Mannia courageously established this non-profit organization.


Upon my return to Atlanta, Ms. Mannia sent me a letter, which I quote here: “Due to your innovative, inspiring and well-researched book, Healing Depression: A Guide to Making Intelligent Choices about Treating Depression, and your ongoing dedication to bring this message of healing to others, the Holistic Depression Network is pleased to offer you the position of Honorary Board Chair. This volunteer board position is dedicated to an expert in the field of the holistic care of depression.”


The mission of the network: “We believe choice, self-empowerment and a balanced lifestyle encourage greater health and fulfillment. Therefore, we are committed to educating, supporting and connecting those interested in the holistic care of depression.”


Ever since my book was published in 1997, I have spoken or written to people from all over the world. I educate my clients about nutrition and teach Brain Gym and yoga. It is part of my mission as a human being to offer the message of hope that even the most severe, life-long mental illness can be healed. I ask all my clients to pray for Ms. Mannia and the network. Info: https://www.holisticdepression.net.


Total Fitness Moving to Northside Drive


Many thanks for the kindness and support of my clients following the recent departure of Walter Rush from 5685 Lake Placid Drive. Walter is an excellent trainer, and we wish him well.


After thinking over my choices, I resolved to follow my heart. At this point, rather than expanding my operation, I choose to have less stress and more fun, so I am moving my business to 1951 Northside Drive. My goal is to run the most professional training business possible. Please let me know how I can accommodate your needs. We will be moving as of Sept. 1. I appreciate your patience during this move!


Directions to 1951 Northside Drive: From I-75 South: Take 75 South to exit 104, the Northside Drive/Howell Mill Exit. Go to the second ramp, which is marked Northside Drive/Georgia Dome. Go to the top of the ramp and take a left onto Northside Drive, crossing back over the interstate. The second street on the right is Spring Valley. 1951 Northside Drive is located at the corner of Northside and Spring Valley. Turn right onto Spring Valley and park in back. Come up the stairs where you will see the gym. Important Dates for the Fall: Mark your calendar for the next Brain Gym class the weekend of Oct. 22-24. Camie Larsen of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation in Ventura, Ca., will be coteaching with me.


Change Your Mind, Improve Your Body


One of the most inspiring speakers I heard this summer was Carol Sanford, a Brain Gym consultant from Battle Ground, Washington, who uses these amazing mind-body techniques with the likes of corporations all over the globe, including Exxon. Many of us know instinctively that losing weight requires more than a diet, more than an exercise program. Now comes a study out of Harvard: The Five Core Factors that Allow People to Change:


A certain amount of duration. On average, people who made major improvements in their health had to devote three to seven years to the process. Ms. Sanford says she will not take on any new client unless they agree to work with her a minimum of three years. Message here: Never, ever give up.


A certain amount of intensity – a minimum of 10 to 20 percent of your waking hours must be spent planning, thinking, reeducating yourself. My conclusion: On a daily basis, do something to improve your nutrition, exercise, or attitude about your body.


A certain frequency – new behaviors must be reinforced every week. No matter your fitness level, to make a major improvement in your body you will want to devote a minimum of four exercise sessions per week.


A mentor. You have to have someone who has been on the path ahead of you – a personal resource. That’s why a huge part of my job as a personal trainer has to do with educating you, not only about what has worked for me but about the latest research in health and wellness.


A will-driven process. Behavior modification does not work, Sanford reported. “It has to be a will-driven process coming from within the person.” Change your mind and your body will change too.


Free Yoga in the Park

Saturday, Sept. 11, at 4:30 p.m.


When the weather turns cooler, we will be going back to the park to enjoy yoga outdoors. This is an opportunity for my yoga students to get to know each other and have fun. Join me at 1951 Northside Drive on Saturday, Sept. 11, at 4:30 p.m. and well walk a block to Collier Park to do yoga outdoors. Afterwards, we will walk to one of the nearby restaurants on Peachtree for dinner. The yoga class is free. Please bring money to pay for your dinner.

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