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“Our brain primarily talks to itself and to the rest of the body not with words or images, or even bits or chemical impulses, but in the language of wave interference: the language of phase, amplitude and frequency – the ‘spectral domain.’ We perceive an object by ‘resonating’ with it, getting ‘in synch’ with it. To know the world is literally to be on its wavelength.”


Lynne McTaggart, The Field


Side Lift Lying On Floor With Dog Belle

Side Lift Lying On Floor With Dog Belle

Many people struggle with sugar cravings and food addictions. Here at Total Fitness, I have helped many clients overcome their sugar cravings and let go of life-long food dependency issues using a combination of nutritional therapy and life coaching.


The 4S and P Program

This is a simple program I have developed to empower our clients to conquer their cravings, keep the body balanced and help to overcome any addiction or mood problems.




Skinny meals


Sleep – Focus on getting 10 hours rest every day. Take the number 10 and subtract the number of hours you slept last night. The remainder is the number of hours of total rest and relaxation we recommend you get the following day. Also make sure you get to bed by 10 p.m. since every minute of sleep before midnight is worth 10 minutes of sleep after midnight. Simply put, your insulin won’t work right if you don’t get enough sleep and you won’t be able to rebuild your neurotransmitters to combat sugar cravings if you don’t get enough sleep.

Sunshine – I do a tremendous amount of healing work on the brain and I noticed when I was working with clients with eating disorders that most of their pineal glands were not working right. I recommend my clients with sugar cravings get at least 30 minutes a day of direct sunlight, which is actually good for your eyes. Avoid wearing sunglasses unless the glare inhbits your driving. In case anybody argues with me on that point, let me say I teach a two-day seminar with healing exercises for the eyes, and many of them revolve around sunlight. Some people of northern European descent, if they are experiencing seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, may actually need up to 2 hours per day of direct sunlight.

Supplement – We recommend that people with sugar cravings do a zinc test. Zinc deficiency usually results from inadequate intake of foods high in zinc, such as seafood, oatmeal, bran, meat, eggs, and nuts, or from impaired absorption caused by short bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, or pancreatic insufficiency. It may also be due to excessive intake of foods containing iron, calcium, vitamin D, and the fiber and phytates in cereals, that bind zinc to form insoluble chelates that prevent its absorption. Alcohol, cirrhosis, dialysis, burns, draining wounds, and corticosteroids increase the kidney’s excretion of zinc. There are quite a few signs of zinc deficiency – White spots on the finger nails and soft nails, poor immune system, acne, macular degeneration, delayed wound healing, severe iron deficiency anemia and eating disorders. There are also other supplements I sometimes use if a client has severe sugar cravings, but I always st art by testing for zinc. Other supplements would need to be reviewed on a case by case basis. I’ll sometimes use the amino acid glutamine, or a high-quality protein shake, but often this is related to the health of gastrointestinal system.

Skinny meals – You’ll be eating every 2 hours. The key thing to understand about a skinny meal is that if you eat too much of anything – protein, fat, vegetables or carbohydrates – your body may secrete too much insulin, and as a result you’ll feel even hungrier, store what you do eat as fat, and your digestion won’t work right.

Protein! When you eat carbohydrates alone – even fruit – or just bread, candies, pastries, pasta – your insulin surges, causing fat storage and poor energy levels. Insulin is also the hunger hormone, so eating too many carbs can actually make you hungrier. Eating protein brings down the glycemic effect of your food, keeping blood sugar balanced. We recommend that our clients also eat red meat – at least 9 ounces per week, since red meat contains methionine, an amino acid the body needs to keep blood sugar balanced at a really deep level.

We use these 5 steps with all our clients who want to conquer cravings – not only sugar cravings, but also alcohol or drug cravings. Use this affirmation: I RELAX AND MY LIFE IS SWEET.


My Visit To The Isle of Gigha, Scotland


One of the things we all need in order to be happy is a sense of spiritual community.


Many of us find this spiritual community in our churches, synagogues or mosques. And some of us also find this sense of belonging to a larger, meaningful community through our mutual passions, interests or profession.


Finding and being with other people who we really relate to, who share our values and our outlook, feeds us at a soul level and is one of the elements I feel that contributes to a deep sense of personal happiness.


In September, I took a trip to Scotland that fed me at this very deep soul level.


As many of you know, I use flower essences from all over the world. Some of the lines I use include Australian Flower Essences, Masters Essences, White Light Essences, Light Frequency Essences, Himalayan Essences, Bloesem Nederlands Remedies, Perelandra Essences and Findhorn Essences.


Flower essences address what’s going on at the emotional, mental and spiritual level. Understanding each remedy and recommending precise combinations can go a long way to improving our physical and emotional well-being.


Like many flower essence practitioners, I started with Bach Flower Remedies, which were developed in England from 1929-1936. However, when working with vibrational remedies, I feel it is important to keep up with current vibration and to use remedies that address our current global situation.


For the past two years, I had become more and more enamored of Living Tree Orchid Essences made by Don Dennis on the Isle of Gigha, Scotland.


Last year, I was having a session with my client Barrie Moore of Lincoln, England. I recommended a specific essence for Barrie, and when he called to order it from www.healingorchids.com, Barrie ended up speaking directly with the founder of the company. Barrie told Don about our work together, and Don, a long-time collaborator with a medical intuitive in Ireland, emailed me to invite me as his guest to the Isle of Gigha to experience his orchid essences in person.


It’s hard to say what I enjoyed more about Don’s workshop – the orchids, the orchid essences, the scenery on the Isle of Gigha or the other people in the workshop.


So let me take it in reverse order. Although many people say they work holistically, it is rare for me to find other highly experienced practitioners who work with clients mind, body and soul. It was such a blessing to me to meet fellow practitioners from Paris, Chile, Norway Mauritius and Cheshire, England, not to mention Don himself, the creator of www.healingorchids.com and owner of the International Flower Essence Repertoire, which represents 20 flower essence lines from around the world.


Everyone who wants to experience a place of pure land and sky should make a trip to the Isle of Gigha. I have never seen such pure water or clean air. We stayed at Achamore House, which was partially built with the help of young trainee architect Charles Rennie MacIntosh, who later designed the Glasgow School of Art, the most beautiful building I have ever experienced. Behind the house is a walled garden full of cultivated flowers and 50 acres of woodland gardens for walking. One day Don took us out in his boat and we saw a pod of dolphins, including three baby dolphins, who leaped and played beside us.


During the day, our group meditated on and discussed Don’s orchid essences. We also visited the greenhouse where he raises the orchids he uses for his healing remedies. I laughed when we were warned the greenhouse would feel quite hot and humid – to me, it felt just like Atlanta, Georgia, and gave me insight into why my own phalaenopsis orchids grow so vigorously in my studio.


The Living Tree Orchid Essences are probably the most profound flower essence remedies I have ever encountered. Just like some people are more evolved than others, some species of plants keep evolving while others do not. Ferns, for example, are very much the same as they were around the time of the dinosaurs. Orchids, on the other hand, are the most highly evolved flowers on the face of the earth. As such, the remedies they create are some of the most uplifting and enlightening. I highly recommend these to all people who are serious about their own personal development.


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