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Get an interactive preview of Catherine Carrigan’s book, “What is Healing? Awaken Your Intuitive Power for Health and Happiness.

Quick instructions to view a “Flip Book”.
1) Click the book you want to read.
2) To Zoom in and out, click the + and – signs from the Tool Bar at the top.
3) Once you are Zoomed-In, position the document by moving your mouse. The document moves with your mouse movements.
4) To Turn the page while Zoomed-In to the document, position the document as mentioned above, then use the Right/Left Arrow Keys on your Keyboard to flip the pages
5) To turn the pages while Zoomed-Out, just click  your mouse on the corner of the page.
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Unlimited Energy Now is Offering FREE Initial Assessment Questionnaires and Information

These FREE download sheets are about many of the topics discussed in our radio show.

Many of these files open in Adobe Acrobat format.




 1. Initial Assessment Questionaire

 2. Adrenal and Thyroid Evaluation

 3. Glycemic Index Chart

 4. Strength Training Progress Chart

 5. Your Spine, Stretching and Your Health

 6 . Emotions and Your Health

 7. Using the VAKS Balance for Your Goals

 8. Dr. Hawkins’ Levels of Consciousness Scale

 9. Toxicity Self Test

 10. Emotions and Your Eyes

 11. Stress Related Illness

 12. Oiling America

 13. Bach Flower Questionnaire

 14. Energy Psychology For Athletes

 15. The Diet Cure Symptom Questionnaire

 16 .What is the New Medicine?

 17. Twelve-Step Neck and Back Pain Recovery Checklist

 18. Using Sound To Heal

 19. The Pointer Sisters. Returning to Your True Nature.

 20. Excerpts from Charles Krebs’ Nutrition For The Brain.

 21. Australian Flower Essences Info Sheet.

 22. Pamela Peeke Body Fat Information Sheet.

 23. Is Seasonal Depression Getting To You?

 24. Touch For Health, Energy Meridians, and Metaphors.

 25. Excerpts from Yoga Beyond Belief by Ganga White©.

 26. Body Awareness Guide.

 27. Obesity and inflammation,

 28. Gluten Questionnaire,

 29. Your Guide To Healthy Hormones by Dr. Dan Kalish,

 30. The Body’s Way to Fluid Joints,

 31. The Meaning of Diversity, by David-Dorian Ross

 32. The Top 10 Cosmetic Ingredients You Should Avoid

 33. Caffeine Addiction

 34. The Food, Mood and Exercise Diary

 35. Attracting Your Perfect Body Through the Chakras

 36. Ba Gua – Feng Shui and Your Home

 37. Energy Magic – Tips From Lee Holden

 38. Beginners Guide To Sound Healing With Tuning Forks

 39. Foods That Paleo Men and Women Did Not Eat

 40. Activities Triggering Back Pain, and Solutions

 41. The Radical Forgiveness Worksheet

 42. The Following Exercise

 43. The Problem With Meditation

 44. Shopping List For World’s Healthiest Foods

 45. Source Connection

 46. Medical Intuitive Reading

 46. Posture Exercises

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